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Dec 14, 2015

Craig and Andrew don't make a comprehensive best-of for 2015, but we go over our absolute favorites of the year. We also discuss some of the biggest albums like Adele, Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams, among others.

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  • Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift do 1989
  • The Ryan Adams attention grab
  • Taylor Swift staying in her lane or covering Katy Perry
  • Adele versus Norah Jones
  • Used CDs and what to do with them
  • Deafheaven
  • Beach Slang's great album
  • Hop Along was Craig's #1 of 2015
  • Turnover gets an honorable mention
  • The Velvet Teen - All is Illusory
  • Royal Headache vs. Royal Blood
  • Pyramids A Northern Meadow
  • Titus Andronicus - Lamentable Tragedy
  • Slightly disappointed with Chvrches
  • Royal Blood rocks unapologetically