The Official Waiting For Next Year Podcast
Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.

We made a big announcement today on WFNY that Brian Spaeth will be delivering five Cavs thoughts to email subscribers after each Cavs game this season. I had Brian come over to my house and we talked about it on the podcast.

Please make sure you go sign up for the newsletter. I'm really excited for it and the first one comes out after the Wine and Gold scrimmage on Wednesday.


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Dave Sterling (@dimoko) joined me to talk about all the sports iinactivity. The Browns are on their bye. The Tribe said goodbye for the year. The Cavs haven't started yet. We talked about fun stuff like ceiling fans.

  • Bye week activities
  • Life without a QB controversy
  • Judging the Indians differently
  • Browns dysfunction isn’t a defense of the Tribe
  • Derek Jeter’s retirement party
  • UBER ride refusal
  • Tweeting at athletes
  • Greg Little on Twitter
  • Interacting with athletes on Twitter
  • Shawn Marion podcast intro

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I welcomed back my friend Joe Petrich from the Cleveland band Something Involving a Monkey to discuss the 2014 Cleveland Indians. Joe is a brilliant guitarist and musician, but he also is about as knowledgable a Cleveland Indians fan that I know.

We discussed the following...

  • Chris Antonetti and his future with the Indians
  • Expectations and whether the Indians met them for 2014
  • The job that Terry Francona did
  • Corey Kluber's phenomenal year
  • Michael Brantley
  • Jason Kipnis' struggles
  • The signing of Nick Swisher

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Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) and Dave Sterling (@dimoko) discuss the Browns' 23-21 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns did everything well for much of the game except win.

Here's what else we talked about.

  • Browns lose to the Ravens
  • Pettine’s penalties
  • Dave’s Uber riders
  • Craig Calls for Joe Banner to come on the podcast
  • The looming QB controversy

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I've been a guest of Joe Lull's (@lullonsports) on his radio progrum on 92.3 the Fan and for whatever reason I never asked him to come on the podcast. I sometimes feel like guys who talk sports for a living would be doing me a favor to come on the podcast. Anyway, that ended today as Joe came on to tell us a little about where the hell he came from and his perspective as a host here in local sports radio.

We talked about how much national stories have been talked about here locally. We talked about Cleveland as a one-station sports talk town. We talked about the ill-fated DSN and finally the launch of 92.3 the Fan.

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I can't even begin to tell you everything that Chad Zumock (@chadzumock) and I discussed today on the podcast. Chad is an obvious veteran to talk radio and the conversation just flows. 

Here's some of the stuff we discussed.

  • Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson
  • Roger Goodell and the NFL
  • The Browns big win over the Saints
  • Brian Hoyer and how Cleveland needs to embrace him
  • Why honoring Derek Jeter stinks
  • Bemoaning the loss of Victor Martinez and baseball love
  • More...

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The Cleveland Browns won a football game! They won their home opener for the first time since 2004. They beat the New Orleans Saints. They did it with a game-winning drive engineered by Brian Hoyer.

Here's what else we talked about. We didn't talk about Johnny Manziel at all, I don't think.

  • Browns start fast
  • Lose the lead
  • Game-winning drive
  • Karlos Dansby
  • Eating Chili

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Brian Spaeth joined the podcast today to try and talk about sports. Brian talks to us more about media and things like that than sports, which is why I love having him on as a guest.

Topics include:

  • Traditions and codes
  • Twitter and Turtle calls
  • Doing impersonations of people
  • Roger Goodell screaming vacuum
  • Cavs ticket lottery system
  • Josh Gordon suspension
  • Mineral at the Grog Shop

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Andrew Juge @SaintsNationBLG invited me to discuss the Browns on The Saints Nation and I asked him to come talk about the matchup on the WFNY Podcast.

Here are some of the things we discussed.

  • The Saints opening week loss to the Falcons
  • Drew Brees as he gets to his mid-30's
  • Rob Ryan love in New Orleans
  • Drew Brees playing away from the dome
  • Saints fans reaction to Roger Goodell in hot water after bounty sanctions
  • Browns running game vs. the Saints defense
  • Score predictions

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Craig and TD get together to talk about the latest in and around the Cleveland sports world...

  • TD talks about sales people and hating being sold hard
  • Are the Indians finally cooked for the 2014 season?
  • The Browns’ opening week loss to the Steelers
  • Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell running the ball
  • The matchup with the Saints
  • Ray Rice / Roger Goodell ruins week one
  • Sports stadium bucket lists


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