The Official Waiting For Next Year Podcast
Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.

It's been since LeBron joined the Cavaliers since I talked to Andrew. A lot has happened since. Here's some of what we spoke about...

Topics include:

  • Browns preseason game against Chicago
  • Brian Hoyer looking decent
  • Kevin Love’s opening press conference
  • Nationalize sports / communism
  • Nirvana and whether they really deserve the credit
  • Pearl Jam and Sirens
  • Star Wars, Robin Williams and living obituaries

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I was happy to have Dave Sterling (@dimoko) back on the podcast. We started out accidentally discussing public urination and ended with the breaking news that Josh Gordon's year-long suspension has been upheld by the NFL.

We also talked about Kevin Love and his "decision" to come to the Cleveland Cavaliers. We talked about LeBron James as a recruiter and the fallacy that some sports fans have at times when a great player is out that the team is "better off" without him.

We ended with the #FreeJoshGordon chat. How depressing.

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I had Jeff Rosenberg from OJ the Musical on once before to promote his movie. I've been trying to get the Cleveland native back since it's been released on iTunes and other VOD places. To my benefit this time he brought the movie's star, Jordan Kenneth Kamp.

We talked about the movie, what it was like to take it to festivals, and what it was like to be a comedy at the festivals.

We talked a lot about the Cleveland Cavaliers and how crazy an off-season it has been. Jordan tells us about how he attended the draft, bought an Andrew Wiggins jersey and either introduces to or reminds me of the nickname Hot-Wad Williams.

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The fake Jim Kanicki who is also the real Mike Burgermeister came on the podcast to talk about the Browns today. 

We talked about the following...

  • Brian Hoyer's MNF game 
  • Johnny Manziel's MNG game
  • The offensive line vs. the defensive line
  • The Cleveland Browns running attack in 2014
  • Jerome Harrison 
  • Browns unhealthy relationship with running backs since Jamal Lewis
  • much much more

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Matt Dery from 105.1 FM in Detroit jumped on the podcast to discuss lots of Cleveland sports topics.

  • Johnny Manziel vs. Brian Hoyer
  • The QB curse and Matt Stafford
  • Does Detroit appreciate Matt Stafford?
  • The Cavaliers getting LeBron James
  • The Dolan "cheapness" bit
  • The Cleveland Indians in 2014
  • Indians trade deadline

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We had planned on talking about LeBron James and Kevin Love, but then he considered going down to Ferguson to try and help out with his legal skills. 

So, we did end up talking about LeBron James and Kevin Love, but we spent a lot of time talking about what's happening in Ferguson as well.

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I got a chance to talk to TD about all three Cleveland teams. That's always a blast for me. Today we spent a good amount of time talking about the Tribe and the season they've put together.

We also talked about LeBron coming home and what that means for a sports family like TD's that is baseball, and football first. 

Lastly we talked about Johnny Manziel, the Browns and what it must be like for Brian Hoyer to try and win the starting job. We talked about how even as we expected hype around Manziel that it's surprising just how crazy things are around him.

Oh, and we led off talking about Cedar Point, which rules.

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Denny texted me to podcast last minute and despite my beverages, we did it. Great time talking about a whole host of topics including...

  • Home improvements and Denny's new kitchen
  • babies and missing them
  • ultrarunning with alcohol
  • running 5Ks and shorter runs
  • Trulia, Zillow
  • Sports on Earth

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The fine people at the Anything to Add Monty podcast were kind enough to have me on to discuss Draft Day a few months ago. I'm a disorganized fool and never reciprocated, but I was more than happy to have Dave Sterling on. When I did that podcast there was really good chemistry as we went from liking Draft Day to nearly despising it as we talked about it.

Here's what else we talked about...

  • Dave decides to become an Uber driver
  • Anything to Add Monty and sports movies like Ladybugs and Goon
  • Art Modell doesn't belong in the hall of fame ever
  • Being a Cavs frontrunner now that LeBron is back
  • How to root between Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer
  • General bitterness from Craig
  • Other Pleasantries

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I talked to Zac Jackson at Browns training camp today about coming on the podcast and eight hours later he was on it. I'm a fan of Zac's work and was glad he was willing to come on.

We discussed the following...

  • LeBron James coming home and that impact on media
  • Fantasy football 
  • Twitter block parties
  • Whether Zac ever reads the comments
  • Zac's hybrid role of reporter and columnist for FSO
  • Local media strategies for covering LeBron James
  • The vast disparities between athlete culture and fan culture
  • Twitter death threats
  • much much more

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of things, but it was a great conversation and Zac was on for over 30 minutes.

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