The Official Waiting For Next Year Podcast
Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.

While I'm on vacation, Dave Sterling is again fulfilling hosting duties. This time he talks to Brian Spaeth for the first time. They've never really spoken before, so this is about as fresh an interaction as it goes.

  • Brian's You Wake Up podcast
  • Sports talk radio commercials
  • Sports talk radio in general
  • Draft Day the movie
  • Brian's experience at the Cavs vs. Nuggets game
  • Brian explains how he gets free ticket offers for writing WFNY Cavs newsletter 
  • The Cavs thought they were an eight seed last year
  • How is Andrew Wiggins doing in Minnesota?
  • Movie media formats
  • Director's commentary on movies
  • Pumping Iron

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The Browns dropped an ugly one against the Texans this Sunday and already the narratives are working overtime. The Browns were a first place team headed for the playoffs and maybe the Super Bowl, but now that they got beat by a pretty good defensive team, they're nothing but a bunch of loser faced losers who live in loser town.

  • The J.J. Watt show
  • Brian Hoyer vs. Johnny Manziel
  • Mike Pettine outcoached?
  • The Browns matchup with the Falcons
  • The Browns matchup with the Colts
  • Draft strategy and offensive lines

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Dave Sterling guest hosts the WFNY podcast for the first time. Big thanks to Dave for producing some new content for us. He talks with a friend of his named Dylan.

They talked about the following...

  • Roundabouts and traffic circles
  • MLS Kits
  • Dealing with Browns success
  • Afraid that it's Derek Anderson all over again
  • The idea of saving players in the NFL
  • Houston making it a rivalry game?
  • Mallett vs. Hoyer as a storyline...

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It was Dave Sterling on the WFNY Podcast last night, and we talked about a wide variety of topics, both sports and non-sports.

  • Computers
  • Being your family's helpdesk
  • Facebook
  • Early season Kevin Love opt-out rumors
  • LeBron James as The Recruiter
  • Dion Waiters and his interesting week
  • Brian Hoyer and his contract status
  • The Browns having all the leverage
  • Not having to trade Johnny Manziel
  • Birdman (not Condorman)
  • Big Hero 6
  • Wanting to see Big Hero 6 again already

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The Cleveland Browns are in first place in the AFC North! 

Now that that's out of the way, it's time to rain on everyone's parade with the impending free agency of quarterback Brian Hoyer. Much has been made of his contract and what the Browns should do. I break it all down with Andre Knott and Andy Baskin.

  • Franchise tag
  • Transition tag
  • Andy Dalton's contract
  • Joe Flacco's contract
  • Base salary vs. signing bonuses

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It's been a while since I had a chance to talk to Denny, so last night during halftime of the Browns game I did. We talked about a lot of non-sports life things. We talked about rebuilding Denny's kitchen. We talked about life with an 8-month-old child. Finally, we did talk about the Cavaliers and how much nicer it is to have a team of import to talk about and watch this year.

It should be a nice podcast for the weekend. Hope you enjoy. When we used to do them all the time, I called them Casual Fridays.

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I'm always really proud when I get to work alongside someone and they go on to bigger and better things. Sharing our epic email chains at WFNY with Brendan Bowers was a treat and I love that he's now working even more with SLAM magazine. Anyway, I asked Brendan to come on the podcast and we had no shortage of Cavaliers things to talk about.

  • David Blatt's complex offense being like a football playbook
  • LeBron telling the world to "RELAX"
  • LeBron James and Kyrie Irving's "heated" locker room discussion
  • The Cavs' slow start
  • Shopping with Delly
  • Anderson Varejao's extension

We talked about a whole lot more too. 

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I got a chance to catch up with Andrew again. We talked about the Cavaliers' first two games. We talked about the Browns victory over the Tampa Bay Bucs. We talked about lots and lots of music after the jump.

  • Cavs opener
  • LeBron and his back?
  • LeBron asked out of the game against the Bulls
  • Crunchtime Dellavedova
  • Dion Waiters and whether he can be a good man defender
  • Kyrie Irving asking if the Bulls game was a playoff atmosphere
  • Browns beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Where’s Isaiah Crowell?
  • Pompeii - Loom
  • OneRepublic vs. Maroon 5 vs. Young the Giant
  • Alice in Chains on Guitar Center Sessions

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The weekly chat with Dave Sterling (@dimoko on twitter) didn't happen on Thursday night because I was at the Cavaliers game. So, we broke into our big Friday night social calendar and decided to chat it up then. 

We talked about the Cavs game. We talked about the Serial Podcast and about big name radio people getting into podcasting. We talked about the Browns against the Buccaneers and we re-did a bit about paintball Halloween commercials. :-)


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Brian Spaeth and Craig Lyndall were both at the Cavaliers' home opener against the New York Knicks. This is their account of the experience of being downtown for this monumental moment in Cleveland sports history.

  • LeBron played a basketball game and it didn't matter
  • The concert on East 4th street
  • Usher's National Anthem and the Cavs fan sing-along
  • The ill-fated fan-interactive "chalk toss"
  • The volume on the scene versus the volume of the crowd on TV
  • The party scene downtown

We also discussed the Cavs newsletter from today in depth. Make sure you subscribe, but if you want to read what we were talking about, click it here.

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