The Official Waiting For Next Year Podcast
Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.

Dave Sterling (@dimoko on Twitter) joins Craig to talk about mostly non-Browns things.

  • Billy Winn reacts to his own GIF
  • Carolina player celebrates his own personal foul
  • NFL refs being stars of the NFL
  • Sony pulling the Seth Rogen movie
  • Sony releasing The Interview on Crackle
  • Unfollowing your favorite football team on social media
  • Adrian Wojnarowski and the Woj bomb
  • The draft tipping thing
  • Sportsyelling and Brutal Stephanie’s youtube show
  • The Browns can’t take advantage of depenalties
  • Browns on Hard Knocks?
  • Paul Rudd narrated Hard Knocks
  • Dave Sterling loves Paul Rudd
  • The ending of Serial podcast
  • Getting surly about Nerdist on Instagram
  • Jewish Christmas traditions
  • CBS shows advertised on football
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Are there even nerds anymore?
  • Recording in the same room instead of via Skype
  • Dave and Craig talk about Brian Spaeth because he listens when you talk about him

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From time to time we go outside the realm of sports. This one is all music as we discuss Andrew and Craig's favorite albums of 2014. Make sure you let us know what we missed in the comments.

Andrew's Top 5 Albums

  1. Cloud Nothings
  2. La Dispute
  3. Fucked Up
  4. Alcest
  5. The Hotelier

Craig's Top 5 Albums

  1. The Hotelier
  2. Pompeii
  3. James Vincent McMorrow
  4. Silver Mt. Zion
  5. Herzog

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Craig and Andrew made the connection on Saturday afternoon to talk about the Browns, Cavaliers and Ohio State Buckeyes.

  • Hating how much we need Delly on the Cavs
  • Comparing Delly to Anderson Varejao
  • Aaron Craft and his name in the NBA
  • Ohio State vs. Alabama and Ohio State’s chances
  • Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliott
  • Jim Tressel’s championship game against LSU.
  • The disheartening end to the Browns season
  • The effort against Indianapolis
  • The piling up of injuries on the Browns coinciding with Brian Hoyer’s failures
  • Throwing away years looking for Peyton Manning

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The Cleveland Indians are under-represented on the podcast at times just because it's not my main main focus. That's what makes it so great when TD comes on to talk Tribe. Here's all that we talked about.

  • Indians off-season bringing in Brandon Moss
  • Gavin Flioyd as Scott Kazmir
  • Jose Ramirez and how Craig almost forgot about him
  • Josh Tomlin and the underrated parts of baseball
  • The Kevin Millwood gamble
  • David Murphy and his trade prospects
  • Finding a right-handed reliever for the back of the bullpen
  • Terry Francona overusing his bullpen in 2014
  • Can Zach McAllister make it in the bullpen?
  • Carlos Carrasco now back in the rotation
  • Can the Indians count on Nick Swisher ever again?
  • Would you trade Nick Swisher for Ubaldo Jimenez?
  • Bernie Kosar and Tim Couch’s comments
  • Can Brian Hoyer be a bridge still?
  • Doing away with the local player preference
  • Alex Mack love

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Will Gibson has been writing at WFNY since September. That's what he said anyway, and I didn't feel like looking. It's about time we got to know the man who has been writing so many interesting posts. We discussed a great number of things over the approximate 40 minutes we chatted. Here are some...

  • Browns vs. Colts disaster
  • Walking to the car from the Bengals game
  • Will's earliest Browns team memories as a youngster
  • The early Cavaliers of Will's youth
  • Craig defends being a front runner
  • What's the CSU beat like?
  • The atmosphere at CSU games
  • The most miserable Browns game Craig ever attended
  • WWF Tuesday in Texas
  • WWE wrestling fandom
  • Much more...

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This is one of hardest I've ever laughed during one of our podcasts. I hope it's as funny for the rest of you. Dave Sterling (@dimoko) and I discuss lots of things such as...

  • Who are the people who like First Take?
  • Who are the people who like Joe Buck?
  • Drumming in a house you share with other people
  • Mocking sports talk radio hot take guys
  • Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer hate each other?
  • The celebrity of Johnny Manziel makes no sense
  • Mike Pettine is good at press conferences
  • Fox 8 sending lil John to Marvin Lewis' press conference
  • Herm Edwards, Tony Dungy and ESPN

Last but not least, I apologize for bringing up Serial podcast again, but Dave claims to not like it, so I had to ask him about it.

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Brian Spaeth (@brianspaeth) helped me break in my new home studio as the first in-person guest. We talked about a lot of stuff as we sometimes happen to do... Before you do anything else, please sign up for the Brian Spaeth Cavs email newsletter.

  • Cavaliers streak
  • Alf and Brian's Alf story pitch
  • Johnny Manziel starting for the Browns
  • Feeling sorry for Brian Hoyer
  • The summer movie podcast
  • The electronic break-in at Sony
  • The Interview and the break-in as a marketing campaign
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Marvel movies and saturation
  • Spider-Man missteps
  • Captain America 2 
  • Avengers 2

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There were some slight audio issues talking to Jon from WFNY, but things got mostly better as we went along. We haven't chatted in quite a while so it was good to catch up with Jon and let him tell us all we need to know about Brandon Moss.

Here's what else we talked about...

  • Brandon Moss trade for Joey Wendle
  • Un-Indians-like trade for Chris Antonetti
  • Another lefty?
  • Moving Swisher?
  • Hoyer vs. Manziel
  • Not playing Manziel might actually maximize him
  • Brian Hoyer and the St. Ignatius connection
  • The AFC North vs. other divisions
  • Serial Podcast
  • Serial reaction podcasts
  • Storytelling with real stories

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I got Dave Sterling (@dimoko) on the line and we talked about a variety of topics.

  • The awkwardness of having blogging as a hobby sometimes
  • The awkwardness of podcasting as a hobby
  • Trying to explain these hobbies to in-laws and friends
  • Watching football at a party with a notebook PC
  • Serial Podcast and how it's not really a traditional podcast
  • Bad audiobooks starring John Grisham's Gray Mountain
  • Talking about not talking about Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel
  • The Cleveland Indians twitter account being so active during the off-season

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Mike Burgermeister of joined me to talk about the Browns latest loss to the Buffalo Bills. Brian Hoyer looked horrendous, Mike Pettine made the move to Johnny Manziel and the rest is history. 

But, what does that all mean for next Sunday against the Colts?

  • The matchup with the Colts is a good one for the Browns
  • Brian Hoyer and Andy Dalton money
  • Johnny Manziel playing against Indianapolis?
  • Is Mike Pettine struggling along with Brian Hoyer?
  • Josh Gordon and his impact since returning
  • Josh Gordon's untucked jersey and socks with Gramps, Mike 


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