In the second Andrew podcast of the week, we discussed the football and music things. We discussed Braxton Miller and his switch to receiver. We discussed Ezekiel Elliott and then we talked about Terrelle Pryor and some music.

  • Braxton Miller becomes a receiver
  • Braxton Miller didn't transfer to USC or anywhere else
  • Did Braxton Miller's shoulder not heal well enough to continue at QB?
  • What can we expect from Braxton Miller as a wide receiver or H back?
  • Braxton Miller will be able to get open in college
  • Braxton Miller bridging Ohio State history thru the Luke Fickell year
  • Is it a college coach's job to prepare a player for the NFL or just win games?
  • Ezekiel Elliott vs. Eddie George vs. Maurice Clarett vs. Beanie Wells
  • Terrelle Pryor starting at a wide receiver
  • Are there any expectations for Pryor and the Browns this year?
  • Will Terrelle Pryor be willing to play special teams?
  • Will Pryor's ego allow him to succeed as a utility player in the NFL?
  • Brian Spaeth's war on "gravy" in sports conversations
  • Expectations for the Browns in 2015?
  • The Browns receivers and the Josh Gordon cloud
  • Craig expects more of the Tribe than the Browns
  • Andrew loves Titus Andronicus like crazy
  • Hip Hop used to be the story of life not fame
  • The documentary Hype about Seattle and pre-grunge Seattle
  • The rock and roll dreams and landing on more reasonable dreams in middle age
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Andrew and Craig are both fans at heart so it gives no joy to see the Indians struggle so mightily. It's still crazy to think just how much has gone right for the Cavs and wrong for the Cleveland Indians. Here's the rest of what we discussed.

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  • WFNY's coverage of NBA CBA
  • The third generation of WFNY
  • Learning a CBA and knowing it cold and then they change it
  • The Columbus Clippers sell out games
  • Baseball as a happening and the concessions at Huntington Park
  • The disappointment level with the Indians down in Columbus
  • How crushing is the Indians season for the casual fan?
  • The Indians and their sales message
  • The baseball and its star culture
  • SportsCenter can't tell the story of a baseball game anymore
  • The Ty Lawson trade was bigger than almost anything in baseball for the season
  • Delly is back on a qualifying offer. Long live Dellavedova!
  • Debunking all the Cavs offseason rumor and innuendo
  • Opposing team executives floating wishful thinking
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The return of @sportsyelling to the WFNY podcast was long overdue. We discussed the current state of the Cleveland Indians, the realistic use cases with Snapchat and also broke down season two of True Detective (so far.)

  • Cleveland Indians fans who are hopelessly optimistic
  • Trying to enjoy baseball without it becoming something more
  • Comparing the Indians to a summer love
  • Investing in the Indians when the pitchers are hot
  • Believing in the Cleveland Indians as they stand even with their record
  • The front office is doomed no matter what they say
  • Building hope versus tempering expectations
  • Should the Indians DFA Michael Bourn?
  • Is Michael Bourn blocking anyone?
  • Sportsyelling name drops Jeff Nomina
  • Trying to understand Snapchat and what the best part is
  • Why Snapchat instead of Instagram?
  • Will Snapchat survive forever?
  • True Detective Season 2
  • Character development and the struggle of True Detective to introduce them
  • Is there any chance you'd rewatch the first parts?
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Craig and Dave discuss a bunch of stuff that has very little to do with sports. I mean it has to do with Indians P.R. and movies and stuff.

  • Podcast users are largely Apple device people
  • Why Google makes me mad
  • Google should put Craig and Dave in charge of a $50 million budget
  • Mark Shapiro and what he could have said
  • Craig gives the interview answers
  • Complaining about the Indians is love
  • The Cavs and how they went for it
  • Mark Shapiro calling out players
  • Saving major league service time
  • Cleveland Indians radio ads
  • Like Father Like Son
  • Body Switch Movies
  • Big
  • Oscar movies that aren't rewatchable
  • Leave them with a spoiler

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Newest WFNY writer Jessica Forrester joins the podcast because she got to see Amy Schumer's Trainwreck ahead of its wide release. We recorded it in advance due to "embargo" on talking about the movie too early. Here's the rest of the cool things we discussed.

  • The gallows humor of writers dropping F-bombs behind the scenes
  • Amy Schumer and Trainwreck screenings
  • LeBron excitement versus Amy Schumer excitement
  • LeBron's part in the movie is bigger than an average cameo
  • How did LeBron become such a big part of the movie?
  • Did LeBron James have to come and read for the show?
  • Is it a typical rom-com and how raunchy is it?
  • Amy Schumer and the scrutiny she's under as a comedian
  • The unfairness of going back in the archives and losing context
  • The lack of political statements with Bo and Luke Duke
  • What impact might Trainwreck have on the controversy?
  • Amy Schumer and her authenticity
  • Kevin Hart and his standup performance
  • What makes Jessica tick in terms of Cleveland sports
  • Deandre Jordan and what it did to the NBA and Mavs fans

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Dave caught up with Stephanie Duffy @stephaniemduffy, local soccer aficionado who just returned from Vancouver and the Women's World Cup Final. They had a great discussion on various soccer subjects. They discussed:

  • The three games she attended
  • Men's soccer vs women's Soccer
  • The final in detail
  • How she got involved in the American Outlaws
  • How others can get involved with the American Outlaws

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Tim Tyler is the writer and mind behind Dawg Pounded. The comedic play and musical opens its second year at Kennedy's on Playhouse Square on July 17th. We talked about the play, the rivalry with Pittsburgh and how the Browns project in the 2015 NFL season.

  • Dawg Pounded in its second year
  • Parody of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • The Indians fans in Pittsburgh at PNC
  • The difference between baseball and football fans
  • The history of the Cleveland / Pittsburgh rivalry
  • The Steelers rival is the Ravens
  • Pulling Dawg Pounded together
  • Steelers fans wearing their gear to Cavs games
  • The 2015 Cleveland Browns
  • Mike Pettine and his trajectory
  • Loving the 2015 NFL draft with Danny Shelton
  • Josh McCown and whether the Browns' offense can overachieve
  • Trying to figure out whether a schedule is hard or easy ahead of time
  • Cardale Jones in a Browns uniform

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It didn't take long for the Cleveland Cavaliers to resign Kevin Love! He is back with the Cavs for five years and a whole lot of Dan Gilbert's money. Ben Axelrod from Bleacher Report joins the podcast to discuss that and a whole lot more. Such as...

  • Kevin Love is back
  • Doug Gottlieb predicting Kevin Love is gone
  • The NBA and the love of the transaction
  • What would it be like to give up $110 million in guaranteed money?
  • Having a super young core of players with old "max" deals
  • Trying to appreciate LeBron for what he is
  • Did LeBron do everything this off-season?
  • Kevin Love and the pool party
  • Looking back on Dan Gilbert's letter
  • J.R. Smith and what he's worth
  • Dwyane Wade to Cleveland and how silly that rumor is
  • The LeBatard show and Stugotz
  • Dwyane Wade's dad's t-shirt
  • Timofey Mozgov's impending free agency
  • Ohio State Quarterbacks and JT Barrett, Braxton Miller and Cardale Jones
  • Cardale Jones should have gone to the NFL Draft this year
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Joe Lull came back on the podcast and discussed a lot of things going on. We discussed the shakeup at 92.3 the Fan that saw Chuck Boom leave the station. We talked a little bit about the Cavs, Browns and the Indians as well. Here's a more detailed list of the topics.

  • Recapping last appearance on the podcast
  • Missing The Ombudsman on the weekends
  • The new face of sports radio now that Chuck Booms is gone
  • What should 92.3 the Fan do with their morning show?
  • The Kevin Love and LeBron James poolside picture
  • LeBron James and Kevin Love opt out and the Cavs' offseason
  • Browns OTAs and mustering up any caring for it
  • Cleveland Indians dumpster fire and accountability

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Dave finally finished his haircut and he and I got to podcast about some things... 

  • LeBron James opts out and what it does and doesn't mean for the Cavs
  • LeBron holding the Cavaliers accountable
  • J.R. Smith and the question about keeping him
  • The boring Browns
  • Melissa McCarthy in Spy
  • Amy Schumer responds to charges that she's racist
  • Dave Quit Game of Thrones
  • Entourage and whether or not it was ever good
  • Ballers is Sports Entourage?
  • Joe Haden's shoe store
  • Dave's hip hop style

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