The Official Waiting For Next Year Podcast
Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.

Anthony Lima joined Craig to talk about local sports media, LeBron James, Johnny Manziel.

Anthony Lima and what it was like to break the LeBron news live on the air. 

The Plane, Zydrunas and more on the reporting of the story

The risks of being wrong and getting punished 

Opie and Anthony and losing your job for what you say on twitter

The pitfalls of a public life on twitter

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I haven't had Les Levine on in a while, but it's always great to catch up. Here are some of the topics we discussed.

  • Reporting in the modern world
  • Chris Broussard and needing to be right a minute ahead of the next guy
  • Les' history of reporting things and "being wrong"
  • LeBron James coming home
  • Johnny Manziel's partying lifestyle and social media
  • Not living dangerously
  • Joe Lull's report on Dan Gilbert's plane

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Cleveland Kate set the topic for this one and Josh Flagner of More Than a Fan was happy to oblige. We took our seats as men in the independent sports media environment to discuss... women in sports media.

We talked about Erin Andrews, Suzyn Waldman and a host of other females in the game. We talked about the opportunities or lack thereof. We also discussed the fact that we can't remember a single female sports talker in the history of Cleveland sports radio. 

Lastly, I played the Kirk Minihane audio for Josh and we discussed the way he talked about Erin Andrews and her reporting.

Of course there was a lot of talk about the local sports media and local sports talk radio as well, including the 92.3 the Fan's Fan Phenom competition.

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It's been a while since I chatted with Denny, but he had some time this evening so we did it up on the following.

  • LeBron James coming back to Cleveland impacting Denny
  • The vague, but unmistakable feelings of "home"
  • Cleveland and the generational preference for city living
  • athletics impact on cities
  • Raising a family in a city
  • Johnny Manziel and the negative obsession with his partying

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I've been a follower of Busted Coverage for a while. Even though they do things far differently than we do at WFNY, but that doesn't mean I don't read and enjoy a site like Busted Coverage. 

Joe Kinsey was kind enough to come on and tell us about the site. He told us about what it was like to start it back in 2007 and what it was like to be acquired in 2011. 

He told us what it was like to get sued by the Big Ten. 

The athlete wedding registry bit is one of my favorites. I talked to Joe about what it's been like to run that hysterical gimmick over the years. He recounted buying a wedding gift for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

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I talked to Brian Windhorst a year ago when the Cavs re-hired Mike Brown and I was taken aback when I started to think about all the things that have changed since then.

Brian was gracious enough to join me for about a half hour to talk about LeBron coming back to the Cavaliers.

  • The free agent market shakeout after LeBron signed
  • The Houston Rockets' bad off-season (so far)
  • LeBron's relationship to the player's union and being involved with the CBA
  • The culture of the Miami Heat vs. the culture of the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Reporting on a story that directly impacts your home town
  • LeBron's visit to Cleveland for the Zydrunas Ilgauskas number retirement
  • What's next for Brian


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You knew it was going to happen. Scott Raab joined me this morning to discuss the return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

We discussed the letter that LeBron wrote with Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated. We also discussed the sourcing frenzy that led up to the LeBron article coming out. Scott talked about what it's been like for his son to welcome back LeBron James and also a little bit about what he'd like to see in terms of coverage of LeBron James from the region's biggest paper, the Plain Dealer.

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A description for the podcast.... 

This is so unnecessary. Andrew and I talked about the return of LeBron James. We talked about what it means to us personally and what our reactions were to how it all went down.

From the beginning rumblings all the way to the letter transcribed by Sports Illustrated. 

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Andrew and Craig talk about the fact that LeBron didn't make a choice.

When will he make a choice?

Which source will you trust?

The practical realities of Cavs vs. Heat

Pat Riley vs. Dan Gilbert

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I've followed Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm and CBS for years on Twitter. I'm sure I've argued with him a time or two, but I've always valued his opinion and writing. I'm really happy he agreed to come on the WFNY podcast in the midst of a very busy NBA off-season.

We talked about Twitter, his process, and his goals as a web publisher. We talked about LeBron James, NBA player culture growing up, and a whole host of other topics.

Very good iinsight into what makes @HPBasketball tick.

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