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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Nov 7, 2016

TD was finally ready to talk, so we tried as best we could to put a bow on the 2016 Cleveland Indians season. We discussed what it was like to have to watch the Indians as away fans in Progressive Field. We talked about bad Cubs fans and good Cubs fans. We also talked about the Dallas Cowboys takeover of Cleveland Browns Stadium over the weekend and how painful that was.

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  • The Cleveland Browns and suffering through being an away fan in your own stadium
  • The new regime with the Cleveland Browns
  • Bandwagon Dallas fans left over from the '90's
  • The Browns hosted a Patriots home game
  • Dallas Cowboys fans who aren't from Dallas
  • Making peace with the Cubs fan takeover of Progressive Field
  • The perfect storm of the Chicago Cubs in the World Series against the Indians
  • Cubs fans were either super wealthy or it was cheaper for them to jump in their car
  • Game 7 between the Indians and Cubs was one of the top games of the century?
  • The jerks who sat in front of TD during Game 7
  • Away fans who don't know how to act
  • TD loses his mind with Cubs fans
  • Cleveland fans are potentially awful too
  • Coming to grips with the fact that this was a good season
  • What do the Indians have to do to not be 2008?
  • Terry Francona might be the greatest coach ever to coach in Cleveland
  • The way Mike Napoli can be back in Cleveland
  • Having an entire season of Andrew Miller
  • Bryan Shaw and why Indians fans hate him so much
  • Putting the Rajai Davis home run in perspective
  • The Indians didn't choke
Nov 3, 2016

Martin Rickman of UPROXX has been on the podcast multiple times in the past and he was nice enough to join us to talk about the Cubs defeating the Indians for the World Series crown. It was a sad day in many respects, but in the end I think we talked about a whole host of reasons why Cleveland fans should keep their heads up high. We also discussed the NBA vs. the NFL vs. MLB and how each of them markets their sport.

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  • The difference between playoff baseball and playoff basketball
  • The Chicago Cubs fan universe and whether bandwagons are a bad thing
  • Harry Caray and the nostalgia for the Cubs
  • LeBron James and the Cavaliers helping the whole city
  • The discrepancies between the Indians and Cubs
  • Missing out on the Sunday game
  • The things that fell into place for the Indians even with some things not working
  • There's nothing that feels like a choke with the 2015 Cavaliers or 2016 Indians
  • Building winning culture vs. trying to import it
  • Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving on the heels of a win
  • Indians overtaking the Browns in Cleveland
  • The Cubs fan takeover in Cleveland and why it might never happen again
  • NFL and what's wrong with that
  • UPROXX changes with Martin and what he's doing next at DIME
  • The NBA and what the league is like right now
  • The NBA and how understanding they are about the way their fans want to absorb the game
  • The NFL's GIF culture and how it messes with their future
  • The It Me UPROXX Sports podcast
Nov 2, 2016

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm a bundle of nerves wrapped in barbed wire. I don't want to move for fear of getting hurt as the Indians prepare for a Game 7 with Corey Kluber on the mound. It's a solo podcast where I dive into the deepest fears and also talk about the weirdness of the Cleveland Browns' trade for Jamie Collins.

I touched on the Cubs fans takeover of Progressive Field and why it's not particularly shocking or controversial. It stinks, but it's just kind of how economics works. There are more Cubs fans than Indians fans. There will always be more Cubs fans than Indians fans. StubHub and the secondary ticket market exists and will continue to exist giving consumers perfect information and visibility of pricing. You are never putting the genie back in the bottle.

Why is the Jamie Collins trade so weird? The Patriots seem to have gotten worse - intentionally - in a year where they're competing for a Super Bowl. Does this deal actually somehow make them better? Does this deal make the Browns better? Could this be a deal that makes both teams better in different ways? What do the Browns have to do to win their portion of the deal?

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Oct 28, 2016

Dave, Dylan and Yaz are here to get you the info you need about the biggest sporting event in town, the Browns vs. The Jets. So tune in and BE READY for Sunday!

Oct 25, 2016

Brian Spaeth is heading to the Cavaliers ring night and talks about heading into the city on an historic night with the World Series happening as well. We talked about a number of other topics including fandom of the fair weather variety and much more.

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  • Brian Spaeth discusses Indians and gravy
  • Living in a post-championship world after the Cavaliers
  • Being a fairweather fan and being invested
  • Changing priorities as you get older
  • Caring much less what other people think as you get older
  • Avoiding the entire "true fan" argument
  • Fairweather fan without switching loyalties
  • Believing in a team due to leadership
  • Trying to connect with the NFL and the Browns
  • The Browns losing generations of fans
  • Process over results and losing in order to win
  • The NFL and its reactions are a step forward in a weird way
  • The unintended consequences of all the NFL's rule changes
  • The stretching of our collective attention and what we can do
  • Not watching the Browns in the second half against Cincinnati
  • Relying on the past to sell the team
  • There's no good baseball reason that Francisco Lindor should ever play anywhere else
  • All the analysts are picking the Cubs over the Indians
  • Trusting Francona and thinking about karma
  • Undervaluing sports as a civic asset
Oct 22, 2016

Dave Sterling and Chris Clem came to my house to talk about sports and whatever else came up. We did about an hour. Great conversation.

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  • Chris Clem and Dave Sterling join the podcast
  • Cody Kessler and how the Browns benefit from the Indians
  • Party at Napoli's featuring an in shape dad bod
  • Dave tells his embarassing baseball story
  • Dave got beat out by Jim Abbott
  • Playing pickup basketball
  • The And 1 Mix Tapes and why those aren't bigger
  • Austin Carr going out to dinner with Terry Francona
  • Josh's Cribbs and how amazing it was
  • Chris Clem talks about his comedy and writing
  • Chris talks about meeting Chris Clem
  • Chris talks about opening for Mick Foley
  • Could the NFL fall off in popularity?
  • Talking about the Cleveland Indians
  • Chris Clem blames rich white people
  • Not wanting the Cubs in the World Series
  • Olive Garden and the all-you-can-eat pasta
  • Celebrating Chi Chi's
  • Sports talk radio and audiences going away
  • Howie Chizek
Oct 21, 2016

Hey guys, we didn't have time to record this week, because we went out to the Dick's in Middleburg Heights to get some American League Champions gear. We still felt like we should make an episode, though, so Yaz got out his LG Optimus and we did an episode in the line. As luck would have it, we ran into our old buddy Pal Alan and we got to spend a good amount of time chatting Indians (and life) with him. 

Oct 20, 2016

There's nobody I'd rather talk to more about the Indians going to the WORLD SERIES than Todd Dery. I dialed him up and luckily he picked up to talk to us about everything surrounding the Indians clinching the American League in Game 5 of the ALCS.

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  • The Cleveland Indians hadn't lost four games in a row
  • The curse went out the window with the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • TD wouldn't let his son leave the office
  • You had to be nervous with Ryan Merritt
  • Ryan Merritt went just over four innings with barely any speed to keep the Jays off-balance
  • Mickey Callaway and Roberto Perez calling a great game
  • Getting beat by Ezequiel Carrera was beyond frustrating
  • Is Ryan Merritt somewhat like Jeremy Sowers?
  • Should Tito have kept Ryan Merritt in the game longer?
  • Are the Toronto Blue Jays one of the least likable teams in recent MLB history?
  • Who do you want to play in the World Series?
  • Have you ever seen a reliever like Andrew Miller?
  • The way Terry Francona and the Indians are going, you'll never feel cheated
  • The value of having buy-in with a manager as opposed to just having the right answers
  • Managing used to be something we considered to be overrated
  • Would Trevor Bauer be contributing for any other team without Francona as manager?
  • Has anyone other than Mariano Rivera done what Andrew Miller done?
  • How nervous were you when Bautista hit that double in the ninth?
  • Terry Francona flip-flopped Allen and Miller in one game and they still were good
  • How spoiled are our children with the sports history?
  • The Indians winning the World Series is bigger than somebody's marriage
Oct 19, 2016

We welcomed Scott onto the podcast to talk about his weekend sports trip to Wisconsin to see the Buckeyes and the Packers in their home turf. We also talked about our new campaign on Patreon.

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  • Scott talks about heading to Madison for Buckeyes vs. Badgers
  • Wisconsin fans and how intimidating they were
  • Watching the overtime from four rows away
  • Awful super fans and finger guns are stupid
  • How to be an away fan in enemy territory
  • Ohio State trailing might have helped the experience
  • Jump Around with Ohio State coming back
  • Malcolm Jenkins and the Buckeyes at Camp Randall at night
  • Scott at the Captain Morgan advertiser event
  • NBA All Star Game
  • Brickyard 400
  • Back at the hotel after an Ohio State victory
  • Heading to the Packers game at Lambeau
  • The Packers style tailgate
  • Wearing a Cris Carter jersey in Green Bay
  • Aaron Rodgers getting booed in a game at home
  • The Green Bay Wisconsin accent
  • The worst McDonald's experience ever
  • Are you nervous about talking trash about a 3-1 lead with the Indians
Oct 14, 2016

Hey Hey Hey everybody, it is time for your Indians Friday Foul Tip.  Dave, Dylan, and Yaz are back and are here to talk all things Cleveland Indians.  We go over the triumph in Boston, talk about some misunderstood baseball terms and give Canada the Foul Tip treatment it deserves. So get ready for Game 1 of the ALCS with the Indians Friday Foul Tip!

Oct 12, 2016

Andrew jumped on the podcast to talk about the implications of the Indians making the ALCS. We discussed lots of things related to the game, but not the actual x's and o's of the series with the Toronto Blue Jays. We also ended up talking quite a bit about Cleveland fans and the Cavaliers and Browns.

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  • The Cavaliers playoff hangover and the practical implications
  • Turning back the clock on a new season and starting all over from scratch
  • The grind of playoffs and what it does to our lives
  • The Indians playoff run and how much it feels like a surprise
  • Having hopes for the Indians and fighting recent history
  • The Indians win streak piggybacked off the Cavaliers' championship
  • Not fearing failure after the Cavaliers championship
  • Jason Kipnis and his leadership skills with the Indians
  • Jason Kipnis is probably hated by opposing fanbases
  • Anderson Varejao went to Golden State and showed us all
  • Kyrie Irving is going to want to fight Delly this season
  • Is Tribe time bonus time going forward?
  • Getting to play a real playoff series instead of a one-game wild card
  • David Ortiz and being told you have to revere him
  • Craig admits he's a hypocrite on the whole steroid thing because he doesn't like Ortiz
  • Revering guys like Ortiz, Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant
  • It's interesting what David Ortiz means to Boston
  • Will you be allowed to dislike Tom Brady?
  • Spygate and the Patriots' track record over the years
  • Indians vs. Browns and the idea of quality
  • ALCS tickets sold out in about five minutes
  • Everyone is excited about the Indians in the middle of Browns season
  • Why do we all have to draw lines in the sand between the teams?
  • The sensitivities of Indians fans
  • The indie rock aesthetic of being an Indians fan or Cavs fan that suffered more
  • The Columbus TV market with the Browns and Bengals split
  • You can't tell the story of the 2016 Cleveland Browns by obsessing over game film
  • The story of the 2016 Cleveland Browns is not happening on game film
  • Trading Joe Thomas and Joe Haden and whether that's part of the plan
  • The idea of a locker room leader is overrated?
Oct 11, 2016

The Cleveland Indians SWEPT the Boston Red Sox out of the 2016 MLB Playoffs. The Cleveland Indians RETIRED David "Big Papi" Ortiz. The Cleveland Indians are headed for a showdown with Mark Shapiro's Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS with home field advantage. We tracked down former WFNY Tribe writer Todd Dery to discuss everything.

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  • It's been a while since the Tribe's been in the playoffs
  • TD's son was throwing a ball against the wall
  • TD's phone was blowing up of course
  • Being happy for the hardcores of any team
  • Wishing Big Papi David Ortiz a happy retirement
  • Players don't turn into Big Papi by accident
  • 2013 was great, but it wasn't really a series
  • How Game 3 unfolded and how crazy it all is
  • More relieved than happy
  • The plan and how it all played out down the stretch in Game 3
  • Josh Tomlin played amazingly well
  • Questioning Coco Crisp right before he hits a two-run homer!
  • How lucky are the Indians to have Terry Francona
  • Deep down, what does Mark Shapiro feel right about now?
  • Is Mark Shapiro resentful of how he was treated at the end?
  • Do the Mark Shapiro Indians make the trade for Andrew Miller?
  • The 2016 Cleveland Indians are an anti-free agent type of team
  • Watching the drafts finally yield something good
  • Developing players and how it all works
  • Josh Tomlin and how he could have been Jeremy Sowers
  • How mentally tough is Josh Tomlin?
  • Paul Hoynes and what he said
  • The Blue Jays and how they swept Texas
  • The Indians and Blue Jays have played INCREDIBLE games against them all year
  • Ezequiel Carrera in the playoffs?
  • TD was 31-13 on the 2016 regular season
  • Trying to figure out what the Indians will do for Game 1 of the ALCS
Oct 7, 2016
Hey Hey Hey everybody, the boys have got a VERY special guest this week in the official WFNY preview for the England Patriots this week.  We cover the roster, the coaching staff and even the city of Boston herself.  We also look into some of the Browns injury concerns.  Follow us on twitter @FridayFumble
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Oct 5, 2016

Jon Steiner used to write about the Indians at WFNY all the time. He joins the podcast to talk about the Indians' chances in the MLB playoffs.

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  • The St. Louis Cardinals got knocked out of the playoffs
  • Are you stressed over the playoffs?
  • Trying to remember playoff baseball and all the stress it entails
  • The Indians vs. the Yankees back in 2007
  • Loving the Indians even when Eric Wedge was the manager
  • Eric Wedge's bridge burning out of Seattle
  • Cutting the Wedge
  • How remarkable is the Indians' season here in 2016?
  • Adding Andrew Miller and how you make your own luck
  • #buntingisforlosers with TD
  • Andrew Miller has already been paid and doesn't need saves
  • The Cleveland Indians turned around their defense in a couple seasons
  • Francisco Lindor is the best defensive shortstop in the AL
  • Turning the team around after Bourn and Swisher
  • Franklin Gutierrez and his career arc
  • Trying to project Jose Ramirez and what he could be
  • The Chris Antonetti Era starting off with a playoff appearance
  • Assuming Jose Ramirez was a 4a player like Ezequiel Carrera
  • The Indians shouldn't be favored to win the ALDS
  • Everybody hates David Ortiz
  • Francona and how well he deploys a bullpen
  • National narratives and favorites
  • How has the Cavaliers championship shaped the Indians playoff run
Oct 3, 2016

Dave Sterling joins the podcast to discuss the Cleveland Browns loss to Washington and the Indians clinching home field advantage.

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  • Cleveland Browns lose to Washington
  • Cody Kessler and how nice he's looked as a 3rd round rookie
  • How long can the Browns players go without winning
  • The culture of losing and the Browns
  • NFL refereeing is a disaster
  • Could Cody Kessler convince the Browns not to draft a quarterback?
  • Browns fans are the best indicators of poor NFL ref quality
  • The NFL needs to gain refereeing consistency across the league
  • An illegal head to head contact penalty is 15 yards, but interference is a spot foul
  • How can Washington not have their field ready in week 4?
  • The Crow has been really impressive so far this year
  • The Browns need to extend Isaiah Crowell and Terrelle Pryor
  • The Browns receivers are a step forward
  • Handing off to a fullback is kinda dumb
  • Yan Gomes and the Cleveland Indians are likable
  • David Ortiz and the farewell tour
  • Derek Jeter and the Re2pect
  • Trevor Bauer in the Indians' opening game
  • Dave addresses millennials
  • The Wild Card is garbage. Needs to be more games
  • Paul Byrd and his wily wind-up
  • Trying to watch the Indians as a cord-cutter
  • Arbitrary rules for sports broadcasting
  • Dave interrupts Craig's rant
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