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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Dec 24, 2016

Dave and Craig stuck around after their last podcast to do a special Christmas episode. We know some of you will be driving around. Others will be doing anything not to deal with your families. We're here to help.

We discuss Christmas in general. Casio keyboards, hot trendy toys and all kinds of other Christmas stuff.

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Dec 23, 2016

Dave and Dylan have some thoughts about the Browns this week. They talk about the front office woes, on field issues and that DAMN PARADE.

Dec 20, 2016

Dave didn't know what he was getting into when he agreed to this podcast. Craig was mad and he wasn't going to be talked down.

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  • Finding room in the middle to criticize the Browns and be patient
  • What do the Browns do next?
  • Are there any people out there who want people fired?
  • Hue Jackson and whether he gets to keep his job
  • How desirable is the Browns job?
  • Hiring the GM underneath Sashi Brown?
  • Not being able to replace the owner
  • Being patient but also realizing that this is unacceptable garbage
  • The Browns moving training camp to Columbus
  • The Browns losing a home game to London
  • Feeling bad for the Browns social media person
  • Brands don't get to be cool and fun when they're the worst at their primary objective
  • The Browns have to play all their games
  • What to do with your Browns angst
  • Dave is an anti-parade guy in reality
  • Craig is angrier than Dave
  • Browns fans getting together for the parade
  • Talking about actual football
  • Johnny Manziel was a better quarterback than RG3
  • Getting the ball out to the edges
  • Hawkins and how limited he is
  • The rookies are playing without any protection Core
  • y Coleman vs. Michael Thomas
Dec 16, 2016

Dylan, Dave and Yaz are back, and we are here to talk about the consequences of losing in Berea. We sent Yazan out to Buffalo to chat with the Ryan brothers, and we have a few thoughts on this 0-16 parade.

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Dec 13, 2016

Jim Pete and Mike Hattery of Everybody Hates Cleveland bring their baseball expertise to the WFNY Podcast once again. They're talking about the Indians' outfield options, their impact on the larger MLB bullpen market, and of course free agency.

You're not going to find a full hour of Tribe talk on your local sports talk radio station, but you will here!

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Dec 9, 2016

Al Laiman has a very interesting back-story. We've just come to know each other through the Patreon universe, but he's an author and now runs The Inciting Incident podcast. Even though it doesn't have anything to do with Cleveland sports, that's what drew us together. He's got Ohio roots and is a fan of all those teams to this day even in enemy territory in Pennsylvania.

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  • The Inciting Incident podcast with Al Laiman
  • What's the Inciting Incident all about?
  • Going after some guests and landing them
  • Podcasts as a format for longform conversations
  • Al has written five books
  • From homeless to an ivy league school
  • Just being available is half the battle
  • The competitiveness of ivy league schools
  • Why is there so much competition in academia?
  • Growing up in Akron and sticking with Cleveland sports
  • Giving up on a Browns season, but not the team
  • Steelers fans wearing Polamalu jerseys to any other event
  • Would Browns fans act like Steelers fans if the Browns didn't suck?
  • How to use Patreon the best
  • Mike Polk on the WFNY podcast
  • Multiple books about Cleveland sports championships
  • Waiting to believe the truth that the Cavaliers won the championship
  • How to deal with a championship as a remote fan
  • The NBA cultivating stars
  • What's up next on The Inciting Incident
Dec 9, 2016

Don, Devin and Cincinnati Yazan are here this week to talk you through the big win over the Eagles (WHO DEY) and get you all the info you need to know about the Clowns game coming up this week. (WHO DEY)

Dec 7, 2016

We've long been admirer's of Terry Pluto's at WFNY. He's also been on the podcast a few times over the years. He's always been someone who appreciated what we've done and been friendly with links and references back to our work. I was elated when his publisher reached out to us and made some copies of his book available for us to give away to our audience. We're giving three copies of this book away, so please leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite Cavaliers Championship anecdote since they won the title. We'll select some random winners and try to get these books in your hands by Christmas.

If you don't win a copy of the book you can buy it at the following locations: for a signed copy

Gray and Company Publishers for a regular copy

If you want to support WFNY and the WFNY Podcast, here are the ways.

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  • LeBron returns home
  • Getting to write a Cleveland sports book about a championship
  • Chris Grant trying to fill a roster after The Decision and The Letter
  • Cleveland's complex relationship to Dan Gilbert's Letter
  • Dan Gilbert's kitchen table meeting with LeBron in Miami
  • Pat Riley and how he's looked since LeBron's return
  • The Cavaliers plane ride to Golden State prior to Game 5
  • David Blatt and his strange run as Cavaliers coach
  • The halo effect of the Cavaliers championship on the Indians
  • Finally, I dragged Terry into some sad Browns talk
Dec 5, 2016

Jim Pete takes the hosting reigns with Craig.

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  • Jimmy Haslam starting the apology tour
  • Holding Jimmy Haslam accountable while also allowing them to tank
  • Does Jason La Canfora hate the Browns?
  • Jason La Canfora vs. Mark May
  • The Browns' take on roster construction with 19 rookies
  • Learning opportunities versus learning opportunities
  • Draft picks and what they're actually worth
  • Jimmy Haslam's apology tour begins
  • Cody Kessler vs. RG3
  • Ohio State Buckeyes in the playoff
  • Do you feel good about Ohio State's chances in the playoff?
  • J.T. Barrett and his lack of chemistry on offense
  • Ohio State and getting weapons involved
  • What about Penn State and what they deserve?
  • Removing the homerism, Ohio State has to be the choice regardless of Big 10 Championship
  • The "we" in sports
  • The New York Yankees signed Holliday for $13 million
  • Manny Ramirez and the Indians deal he didn't sign
  • Mike Napoli and the sleep apnea market inefficiency
  • Eyesight market inefficiency
Dec 2, 2016

Even though the Brownies don't have a game this week, Dylan, Dave and Yaz are back together to discuss the struggles of the Browns over the Bye, talk about important front office decisions and look at what desperate measures everyone in Berea is going through to get the Browns back on track.

Dec 1, 2016

It's been a slow week on the podcast, but it just got a lot better. I reached out to Will Burge of WTAM and he made some time for us to talk about Cleveland sports. We discussed public financing of stadiums, the Cleveland Browns and even the Cleveland Browns' quarterback quandary. 

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  • Will Burge from WTAM
  • NFL hypocrisy in how it's covered
  • Being a left-leaning guy on a right-leaning station
  • Public financing of stadiums
  • One-sided relationship between sports franchises and governments
  • Cleveland leading or following on the conversation with public funding of stadiums
  • The Browns leaving Cleveland being leverage for all sports teams
  • Are fans just jealous of owners' profits and wealth?
  • What kind of civic leader will Jimmy Haslam be in the long run?
  • Can the Browns continue to rebuild how they want with how bad they are?
  • The idea was right, but the execution was questionable
  • How much difference is there between going winless and winning one game?
  • The cutting of Paul Kruger on August 29
  • Not re-signing Mitchell Schwartz
  • RG3 vs. Cody Kessler
  • Hue Jackson wants a victory so he's going to play RG3
  • Mitch Trubisky in the draft
Nov 25, 2016

We are so sorry guys, Dylan gave us TOO MUCH notice that he would be gone for thanksgiving, so we don't have a ton of info on the Giants, but we do have a few friends checking in to with you a happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 23, 2016

It was inevitable that once the EHC guys got acclimated to their new digs at WFNY that they'd be back to their old tricks and podcasting again. Jim Pete, Jeff Nomina and Mike Hattery discuss the Indians in the outfield, trade possibilities, Brantley's shoulder, and friend shaming.

Nov 18, 2016

Dylan, Yaz and Dave are here to guide you through the first of our "Boycott Giant Eagle" weeks of the year, and in addition to covering RGIII's road to recovery and the best places for hot yoga in Middleburg Heights, we get into some Pittsburgh history. We cover the Pittsburgh football team and then talk about the big election issues that were facing Pittsburgh last week.

Nov 17, 2016

Jim Pete and I have been talking for months and we finally got together to talk some Cleveland sports. We talked Indians, Cavaliers and Browns. Jim even did the live read for Patreon! Hope you enjoy the first edition of Jim Pete on the WFNY podcast. You'll be hearing much more from him soon.

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  • Corey Kluber did not win the Cy Young award
  • There were three good candidates for Cy Young in 2016
  • Justin Verlander finishes second to Rick Porcello
  • Kate Upton's tweet about Justin Verlander's finish
  • Did Boston have anything to do with Porcello's big win?
  • Arguing regular season awards is like arguing balls and strikes
  • Pitcher wins and its value to Cy Young
  • Terry Francona wins the manager of the year
  • Terry Francona revealing himself as an innovator in the ALCS
  • Comparing Terry Francona to Mike Hargrove
  • How did Jim Pete get here?
  • Welcoming the EHC to WFNY
  • The Cavaliers are now coasting until April
  • Cavaliers chaos just a year ago and how things have changed
  • RG3 and whether he should be the one who gets to play this season
  • Cody Kessler and the value of reps the rest of this year
  • Why shouldn't RG3 play some more this year?
  • The Browns courting Tony Romo? Lol
  • Why are people so shocked that Hue Jackson would go to Josh McCown?
  • Cody Kessler might very well be Colt McCoy
  • Playing "NOT IT!" with Cleveland Browns tickets
  • The destroyed value of PSLs in Cleveland
  • Talking about the owner and figuring out if he can keep it together
  • The idea that the Browns would fire people this year is ludicrous
  • Does Ray Horton deserve to be fired?
  • The Browns have no players on defense for Horton to work with
  • Fighting between the front office and the coaching staff over RG3 and Cody Kessler
  • Jim Pete's final podcast rant on the Tribe and what the prospects are for a trade
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