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Feb 23, 2016

Tony Mazur is back on the podcast and he's talking about all his comedy dates and a bunch of other sports and media topics.

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  • Deadpool and not spoiling it at all
  • Amazeballs and mental
  • Montreal Expos hat and the Kansas City Royals
  • Tony Mazur was a huge Indians fan and quit
  • Joel Skinner holds Kenny Lofton and loses Tony Mazur forever
  • Front running baseball fans in Cleveland
  • Tony Mazur and the steamrolling troll job
  • Getting followers on Twitter and what you do
  • Twitter facing the maturity ceiling
  • Snapchat and trying to figure it out
  • March 12th Leukemia benefit at Aqueduct Brewing in Akron at 9 PM
  • Having to defend your Twitter self
  • McDonald's Instagram account
  • Letting negative comments define you
  • Tony Mazur dishes on Kiley and Booms and Kevin Kiley departing