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Feb 9, 2017

Andrew and Craig got together to talk about sports. We speak of Tom Brady, GOATs, and other things.

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  • Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron in a non-commercial
  • Portion control and having perfect ingredient checks
  • GOAT and Mount Rushmore
  • Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers
  • Gayle Sayers vs. Emmitt Smith
  • Trying to rank quarterbacks with the NFL being a team game
  • Jim Kelly vs. John Elway
  • If Peyton Manning played in New England, would he have won more Super Bowls?
  • Ozzie Newsome and being lost to the era
  • Bernie Kosar and loving him as a Browns fan
  • Watching Al Bubba Baker playing basketball
  • Watching Kenny Lofton play rock and jock
  • LeBron James, David Griffin, Ty Lue, and their chats
  • Ty Lue telling LeBron he needed to do more in Game 7
  • Frank Isola chasing his feelings
  • Lying versus being wrong
  • LeBron is the most powerful player in league history since Michael Jordan
  • Does Carmelo Anthony help the Cavaliers?
  • The Cavaliers and their "defense"
  • LeBron James and his minutes
  • LeBron James has changed his regular season style as well
  • For the Cavaliers, Defense is a choice