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Apr 14, 2017

The EHC podcast is back talking about early-season Indians. Jim Pete and Mike Hattery don't know everything, but they know a lot and fill the rest in with opinion.

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  • The Francisco Lindor power surge could take him to the next level
  • Jose Ramirez and Frankie Lindor have impressive bathead control (barreling for those that care!)
  • A Lindor deal, and the ridiculousness that it could reach, if you let your head wander
  • Edwin Encarnacion is struggling with K%, and it may be more than just an April problem, but still really early
  • Let's hug Yan Gomes, he needs it
  • Overreaction Theater with Corey Kluber
  • Cy Young arsenal for Carlos Carrasco
  • How did Carrasco turn it around?
  • Bauer vs. Salazar--Is Bauer more stable on the mound?
  • JRam's elite defense at second, and how this year could be a pre-cursor for next year and beyond
  • Naquin sent down...Almonte stays up, and it's the right move!