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Jan 31, 2017

Jeff Nomina joins the podcast to discuss all manner of sports topics. We jumped all over the place, but we hit the Super Bowl being tired, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cleveland Browns and even a bit about social media.

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  • Kids saying hysterical stuff and how to deal with it
  • Kids thinking you're laughing at you instead of with you
  • Katy Perry and kids
  • Kids hear stuff that we don't hear
  • The Super Bowl and breaking it all down
  • Dolphins fans can't root for Tom Brady
  • Tom Brady and overcoming Roger Goodell's punishment
  • Separating Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is impossible
  • The Patriots aren't even fun to watch
  • Tom Brady was at his best with Randy Moss in terms of watchability
  • Ben Roethlisberger and how lucky he was to get in trouble before the internet
  • The Steelers lead with their helmets in 2017
  • Online video and how it's changed the Super Bowl commercial game
  • Progressive Insurance bingo card
  • Banned commercials by GoDaddy
  • A Dolphins fan fixes the Browns
  • Winning the draft and the Browns
  • The Browns won't draft guys like Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert
  • You can't learn anything from the Cavaliers and their championship
  • LeBron James complaining the Cavaliers are top-heavy
  • LeBron either likes to create drama or whether he gets emo a couple times per year
  • Ranking Shumpert and J.R. Smith in the NBA
  • Selling Mike Dunleavy out down the river was really quick
  • Team chemistry and how to build teams
  • Universal NBA community and NBA Twitter
  • The NBA should buy Vine
  • MLB and video clips and embedding
  • Will Twitter last forever?
  • Snapchat and