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Apr 2, 2018

For some, the Road to Wrestlemania 34 begins the day after the Royal Rumble, and for others, it begins the day after the previous Wrestlemania. Regardless of when you thought the Road to Wrestlemania 34 begin, we are less than a week away from professional wrestling's biggest event.

To mark the occasion, The Tribe Daily's Nino Colla (@snarkynino) and I sat down for a good conversation about the biggest stories heading into the big weekend. Nino and I dive headfirst into the Daniel Bryan story, and really touch upon one of the biggest stories of the past decade, as Bryan looks to wrestle in his first match in nearly three years. With Bryan slated to wrestle a tag team match with Shane McMahon, against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, we talked about the best use for Bryan in this Wrestlemania, who is clearly ready, and in ring shape.

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Guest: Nino Colla--@SnarkyNino
Host: Jim Pete--@jimpeteehc
Podcast: EveryONE Hates Cleveland--@evrybdyhatescle

The show notes:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • How big a deal is his return (spoiler...pretty big)?
  • Were they working towards a Wrestlemania 34 return because of Daniel Bryan’s Wrestlemania history in New Orleans?
  • Daniel Bryan and the Miz?
  • Are there better match-ups for Bryan?
  • The Miz and Bryan was the best thing going while it was happening…
  • Shane has been a heel the entire time…
  • The long term plan for Daniel Bryan…IC belt? World Title?
  • Bryan has been good in every role…
  • The old adage…when you’re being yourself…
  • Daniel Bryan and EC3
  • Nino talks how important Daniel Bryan was to professional wrestling during his earlier run
  • The Bryan Wrestlemania moment
  • John Cena vs. Undertaker…
  • American Badass?
  • Cena’s promos have been…weird?
  • The Undertaker got a new hip!
  • The Undertaker is Brett Favre
  • What the hell was he talking about at the 25th RAW Reunion show?
  • The many faces of Cena
  • What about Roman Reigns?
  • Lesnar is the heel? They’re working really hard to make Reigns the baby face…why is this so hard?
  • NXT…Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa
  • The Gargano Ciampa feud doesn’t end at Wrestlemania. We’ll be revisiting it somewhere?
  • The Braun Strowman imitation