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Dec 9, 2016

Al Laiman has a very interesting back-story. We've just come to know each other through the Patreon universe, but he's an author and now runs The Inciting Incident podcast. Even though it doesn't have anything to do with Cleveland sports, that's what drew us together. He's got Ohio roots and is a fan of all those teams to this day even in enemy territory in Pennsylvania.

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  • The Inciting Incident podcast with Al Laiman
  • What's the Inciting Incident all about?
  • Going after some guests and landing them
  • Podcasts as a format for longform conversations
  • Al has written five books
  • From homeless to an ivy league school
  • Just being available is half the battle
  • The competitiveness of ivy league schools
  • Why is there so much competition in academia?
  • Growing up in Akron and sticking with Cleveland sports
  • Giving up on a Browns season, but not the team
  • Steelers fans wearing Polamalu jerseys to any other event
  • Would Browns fans act like Steelers fans if the Browns didn't suck?
  • How to use Patreon the best
  • Mike Polk on the WFNY podcast
  • Multiple books about Cleveland sports championships
  • Waiting to believe the truth that the Cavaliers won the championship
  • How to deal with a championship as a remote fan
  • The NBA cultivating stars
  • What's up next on The Inciting Incident