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Oct 20, 2016

There's nobody I'd rather talk to more about the Indians going to the WORLD SERIES than Todd Dery. I dialed him up and luckily he picked up to talk to us about everything surrounding the Indians clinching the American League in Game 5 of the ALCS.

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  • The Cleveland Indians hadn't lost four games in a row
  • The curse went out the window with the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • TD wouldn't let his son leave the office
  • You had to be nervous with Ryan Merritt
  • Ryan Merritt went just over four innings with barely any speed to keep the Jays off-balance
  • Mickey Callaway and Roberto Perez calling a great game
  • Getting beat by Ezequiel Carrera was beyond frustrating
  • Is Ryan Merritt somewhat like Jeremy Sowers?
  • Should Tito have kept Ryan Merritt in the game longer?
  • Are the Toronto Blue Jays one of the least likable teams in recent MLB history?
  • Who do you want to play in the World Series?
  • Have you ever seen a reliever like Andrew Miller?
  • The way Terry Francona and the Indians are going, you'll never feel cheated
  • The value of having buy-in with a manager as opposed to just having the right answers
  • Managing used to be something we considered to be overrated
  • Would Trevor Bauer be contributing for any other team without Francona as manager?
  • Has anyone other than Mariano Rivera done what Andrew Miller done?
  • How nervous were you when Bautista hit that double in the ninth?
  • Terry Francona flip-flopped Allen and Miller in one game and they still were good
  • How spoiled are our children with the sports history?
  • The Indians winning the World Series is bigger than somebody's marriage