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Jun 8, 2017

Ben Axelrod spends his days talking about the Ohio State Buckeyes at and on the Landof10 Podcast, but we're talking Cleveland Cavaliers mostly.

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  • Just how good are the Warriors?
  • How much did the Cavaliers leave on the table with their performance?
  • How much better can Kyrie Irving be?
  • What happened to Tristan Thompson?
  • The Warriors' questions they need to answer even though they're going to sweep the playoffs.
  • LeBron James and his future in Los Angeles?
  • The Cleveland Browns and how low their win total might be
  • The continuing issue of finding a quarterback
  • Ohio State fires Thad Matta
  • Who could replace Matta?
  • Could the Buckeyes still do an interim coach?
  • Appreciating June Cavaliers talk even in a potential sweep