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Dec 18, 2014

The Cleveland Indians are under-represented on the podcast at times just because it's not my main main focus. That's what makes it so great when TD comes on to talk Tribe. Here's all that we talked about.

  • Indians off-season bringing in Brandon Moss
  • Gavin Flioyd as Scott Kazmir
  • Jose Ramirez and how Craig almost forgot about him
  • Josh Tomlin and the underrated parts of baseball
  • The Kevin Millwood gamble
  • David Murphy and his trade prospects
  • Finding a right-handed reliever for the back of the bullpen
  • Terry Francona overusing his bullpen in 2014
  • Can Zach McAllister make it in the bullpen?
  • Carlos Carrasco now back in the rotation
  • Can the Indians count on Nick Swisher ever again?
  • Would you trade Nick Swisher for Ubaldo Jimenez?
  • Bernie Kosar and Tim Couch’s comments
  • Can Brian Hoyer be a bridge still?
  • Doing away with the local player preference
  • Alex Mack love