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May 27, 2015

This is the third occasion that I've had to welcome Joe Petrich from Something Involving a Monkey to come onto the podcast. Joe's been a friend for a long time and he makes some of the most interesting music in the world with his band, including bass player BeZo and drummer, Ritz. The band is celebrating their new album Into the Great Blue Waffle with a show at The Foundry on Saturday May 30.

Here's what else we talked about.


  • Something Involving a Monkey
  • The return of the Cavs and LeBron James
  • Not caring about the NBA
  • Trevor Bauer and the value of a real quote
  • What can the Indians do after a slow start?
  • Kevin Maas went full Matt LaPorta
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff the legend of Lake County
  • The Indians new setup and having a good team
  • The brutality of Cleveland fans
  • Monsters becoming the farm team for the Bluejackets
  • Faith No More live from Toronto
  • Mr Bungle and Mike Patton's influence
  • Taking credit cards and putting business first