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Nov 10, 2016

Craig and Andrew get together for a sports podcast about sports and not about anything else. Browns and Cavs. Just sports for you. For real.

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  • Cowboys culture taking over Cleveland Browns Stadium
  • Browns fans versus Cowboys fans and getting along
  • Traveling fans and how bad they are to the locals
  • Giving other traveling fans the business
  • Dallas fans coming on the heels of the Cubs
  • Browns fans as pacifists
  • How can you be a Browns fan in 2016?
  • NFL get Jimmy Haslam out of here
  • How big was the tank job?
  • What was the ceiling on the 2016 Browns coming into the year?
  • Hue Jackson coaching the team up to play how they will when the DO have talent
  • The differences between coaching a bad team for this year or coaching them for the future
  • Will the pressure mount for the coaching staff to squeak out a win?
  • Do the Browns ever deserve the benefit of the doubt?
  • Fan pressure and how it can impact an organization for real
  • The new normal with a boring Cavaliers regular season
  • A season without LeBron / Cavaliers drama
  • Forgetting about David Blatt completely
  • David Griffin and how fortunate the Cavaliers were to have him follow up Chris Grant
  • Cavaliers fans were very defensive of Chris Grant and his asset building model
  • Channing Frye and what he brought to the Cavaliers
  • Team building and how important it is as opposed to asset allocation