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Nov 18, 2013

Scott and I touched on a lot of topics today, including the impending fight over stadium funding in Cleveland. We talked about the Browns loss to the Bengals and the mostly disappointing start for the Cavaliers.

12 Years a Slave by Steve McQueen
Pete Franklin and his history revolutionizing radio
The way Pete Franklin handled callers
Scott booing a live podcast of “Hang up and Listen”
Mike Trivisonno, Tony Rizzo, and Ken Carman
The Cleveland Cavaliers and the lack of criticism right now
Patience with talent is one thing
Patience with losing and lack of effort?
Dion Waiters and what happened with his “flu”
Brian Windhorst’s report that the player’s only meeting got heated
Chris Grant and what he can be held responsible for with regard to Anthony Bennett
There’s a good player in every draft
Cleveland Browns stadium improvements and how to pay for them
The sin tax and how regressive it is
The Browns game and how flukey bad it was
The Browns defense is still good and so is the Bengals
Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell and how consistent either one of them can be
The Browns’ draft needs
Thank goodness ESPN hired Pat McManamon to cover the Browns for Cleveland