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Nov 25, 2013

It was another awful week in Cleveland sports. It was so bad in fact that I don't think Scott or I could even muster up any anger over it. When you get lulled out of anger and into straight depression, it doesn't mean it's any easier. It's just sadder.
Anyway, here's the email I sent to Scott on Sunday night before we recorded on Monday morning...
I was at the Browns game today. We don't need to spend too much time on that. It's over. The season is over. They'll be favored against the Jags, but I wouldn't bet on the Browns to beat any other NFL team right now. 
I'm missing next week's game driving back from thanksgiving. I normally rally the family at 6 AM to leave Indy so we can make it home in time for kickoff. Not doing it for this team. It's the first time that I'm missing a game in a long time and I really don't even care. I don't hate this team but I've never been with less passion in my life. 
Jhonny Peralta signed a 4 year deal for more than $50 million. Would Asdrubal get that today if he was working free agency? Plus this is the second straight year that a PED user went and got a deal after a suspension. Melky Cabrera last year. 
Taking the anger out with regard to the Cavaliers, what do you do if you're Dan Gilbert? I know he's not a sympathetic figure really, but what do you think he's thinking and feeling right now?
Last but not least, I saw a really great movie filmed in Chagrin Falls. The Kings of Summer starred Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and some great unknown younger actors. While Cleveland / Chagrin Falls wasn't really a character in the film, it still have me pride. Local producer doing good work. Surprisingly funny.