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Mar 7, 2017

Scott Raab has followed up his book, The Whore of Akron with a championship book called You're Welcome Cleveland. I put out a call to see if he would come on the podcast and Scott was willing. We are forever indebted to Scott for the weekly appearances he made on the WFNY Podcast and it's always great to catch up.

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Here's what else we talked about.

  • You're Welcome Cleveland
  • Are you still feeling the championship love?
  • How long will the championship feeling last?
  • Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson talking about the difference between the regular season and the playoffs
  • LeBron saying he's addicted to the process
  • Waking up and not liking football
  • Expecting pro athletes not to feel real life
  • Kyrie Irving flat earth and JR Smith
  • When athletes and celebs go direct to the fans, what role does media have
  • Figuring out how to add value in 2017
  • What's left of the newspaper?
  • When was the last time you knowingly clicked on an ad?
  • When will we talk about the death of radio?
  • The Browns and trading down
  • Finding talent period
  • What's the difficult thing to do as the HBT?
  • Who would we take instead?