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May 27, 2013

Scott and I found time on this holiday Monday morning to carry on as normal with our podcast. Here's the rest of what we discussed...

  • Memorial Day and working on it

  • Chris Perez and his apparent shoulder injury

  • Has anyone been hired as coach or manager to give faith like Terry Francona

  • Randy Lerner and his hire of Mike Holmgren

  • Good hires and just because things don’t work out don’t make them a bad idea

  • Browns public relations and media relations

  • Granular results and outcomes versus trends

  • Tom Heckert and his performance

  • Pat Shurmur and Howie Roseman and whether Chip Kelly wanted Shurmur

  • Valley View and the Fast and Furious 6

  • Stopping feeling guilty about the pleasures

  • Craig likes Roxette and the Pretty Woman soundtrack

  • Bubblegum pop artists and the cycles with Justin Bieber and New Kids on the Block

  • The Monkees and their pop hits

  • Zach Lowe and the criticism of Dan Gilbert’s entourage in Grantland

  • Being cool by not caring what other people think

  • Scott Sargent is not cool :-)

  • The Comic Sans letter and making fun of Dan Gilbert for it

  • The San Antonio Spurs and how they were picked