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Jun 23, 2014

Whenever the bat signal goes up and Scott Raab wants to go long-form on Cleveland sports I jump at the chance. This morning I talked to him for over an hour on the following topics.

  • The World Cup and the USMNT's tie to Portugal
  • Cleveland's "savior" complex
  • Johnny Manziel and his personality
  • LeBron James and his potential return
  • Mike Pettine and Scott's forthcoming profile of the Browns coach for Esquire magazine
  • The Cavaliers hiring of David Blatt 
  • Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers and Joel Embiid
  • Cleveland Indians attendance talk in the media
  • Sports journalism and the use of anonymous sources

There was even more than all that, but like so many of my conversations with Scott, it all just flowed pretty naturally. Until next time...