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Apr 22, 2016

With the Cavaliers in the midst of another postseason run, Scott Sargent was fortunate to be joined by three of the more prominent personalities in coverage all things NBA. NBA TV’s Kristen Ledlow, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and CBS Sports’ Zach Harper all took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to talk NBA, the Cavaliers’ regular season and what fans of many teams can expect over the next several weeks.

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  • Kristen Ledlow in Akron and Cleveland to start the season (2:00)
  • Golden State’s impact on how we view all other teams (6:00)
  • The top tier of NBA talent going through the playoffs (10:00)
  • Brian Windhorst on L.A. (16:00)
  • What’s it like covering the Cavs from afar? (19:00)
  • What’s up with Kevin Love? (24:00)
  • Draft picks that have been made on LeBron teams (31:00)
  • How much faith in Ty Lue? (33:00)
  • Playoffs Rapid Fire (36:00)
  • Zach Harper on Golden State/Houston (51:00)
  • Can Golden State beat the Spurs? (56:00)
  • Can anyone beat the Warriors? (58:00)
  • Can LeBron stay off of social media? (65:00)

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Many thanks to Kristen, Brian and Zach. Kristen can be seen on NBA TV with an all new Inside Stuff airing this Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Brian’s work can be found on as well as a variety of ESPN programs including Rachel Nichols’ The Jump. Zach can be found on CBS Sports as well A Wolf Amongst Wolves. Follow them on Twitter at @KristenLedlow, @ESPNWIndhorst, and @talkhoops.