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Jun 5, 2017

The guys are back after their Memorial Day Weekend bye week.

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  • They talk NBA Finals
  • Dan's newly found hatred for Kevin Durant
  • PK Subban's bad breath and the Stanley Cup Finals
  • The Browns microscopic chance to make the playoffs
  • Kristaps Porzingis getting shut down on Instagram
  • ESPN drowning themselves with the latest John Clayton firing
  • Albert Pujols' not-so-talked-about 600th HR
  • Millenials ruining crappy restaurants
  • Tiger Woods having a sad life, as well as his chances to win next year's Masters
  • the guys weigh in on how much they don't care about Kathy Griffin by talking about her, completely going against their stance of not caring about her
  • The Sermon is wrapped up with health and fitness, like always.