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Oct 22, 2015

Matt Moore joins the WFNY podcast for the second time ever, and it just happened to be the night that Tristan Thompson got his deal done for 5-years and $82 million. What awesome timing. You know Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm, CBS Sports and from his @hpbasketball Twitter.

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Here's what we talked about.

  • Tristan Thompson gets a deal done with the Cavs for $82 million
  • Eric Bledsoe and comparing his deal to Tristan Thompson
  • Rich Paul shows that he's not going to back down
  • Big contracts and how they become unlikely assets down the road
  • Tristan Thompson and how much better he can get over the next five years
  • The Cavs being unable to get anyone else to replace Tristan Thompson
  • Dan Gilbert's willingness to pay the luxury tax is commendable
  • The window with LeBron James and his age
  • The weird changes around sports media business
  • ESPN layoffs and the increasing costs of rights fees
  • Ad sales people who need to understand the value of the Internet
  • When Internet ad revenue will exceed TV ad revenue
  • Pre-roll auto play ads
  • The saturation point of media and Netflix kids
  • What are the big things going on in the NBA that aren't related to the Cavs?
  • The NBA's rookie class this year is really talented and interesting