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Aug 28, 2013

It's been a bit since I talked to Martin Rickman on the Podcast so we went to work. No agenda to speak of and all of a sudden 45 minutes flew by. Hope you enjoy it.

Martin Rickman’s polished podcasting career with Chasing Mimi

Voyage of the Mimi and who exactly remembers it

Taking on a project with self-made deadlines and trying to explain it to family members

Learning how to make a solar still with Voyage of the Mimi

Martin’s new writing gig and how he took the call just before Star Trek started in the theater gig for Martin

Doing your very best work at all times

Relating to editors and using them

What if WaitingForNextYear could have an editor?

How outraged was Martin by Miley Cyrus on the VMAs?

Britney Spears and the Madonna kiss

Robin Thicke and his nude-filled video to gain attention

The least entertaining part of Blurred Lines is Robin Thicke and that’s not an insult to Robin Thicke

Are you in the MTV generation?

The commercials during the VMAs will let you know whether you’re in the generation or not

Slut-shaming Miley Cyrus and the rest of the outrage over the VMAs

Ja Rule’s most essential songs

What people are willing to say without a level of anonymity

People who want to identify as being a hillbilly

This is the End really stuck out to me as the best movie of the summer

Figuring out if you’re the audience for something before offering criticism

Is Craig a customer of McDonald’s?
Bojangles breakfast being superior to McDonald’s breakfast