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Sep 30, 2015

Les Levine joins the WFNY Podcast to break down everything that's going on in Cleveland sports. Like all appearances on the WFNY podcast, it's an instant classic.

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Here's what else we talked about...

  • The Cleveland Browns extended Austin Davis, is this normal stuff, or is Cleveland just this focused on things that don't matter?
  • Are the Browns unbelievable?
  • How does a team re-sign a guy when the GM is suspended
  • Liking Mike Pettine in spite of everything
  • Johnny Manziel is the significant moment for this front office
  • Mike Holmgren and the playoff tickets
  • Does the local media revel in the negative on purpose?
  • Maybe the offensive line isn't as good as we think they are
  • Restaurants do better on Mondays after a Browns win
  • Chris Antonetti might get elevated to President of the Indians
  • Is this the Indians doing whatever they can to keep Chernoff?
  • Is it fair to consider this the Indians allowing people to fail upward?
  • Carlos Santana and whether he's good or not
  • How scared of Michael Brantley are opposing teams?
  • Can't give up the Indians tickets
  • Trying to convince yourself that the Indians are good