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Jun 27, 2017

A week after Andrew and Craig worried about the departure of David Griffin, Craig is talking about the normalization of Cavaliers news. In this episode, Craig breaks down all the recent rumors and the likelihood that LeBron decides to stick around.

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  • Joe Lull's conspiracy theory about Dan Gilbert and Chauncey Billups
  • Occam's Razor and the most likely answer
  • Dan Gilbert's roster 
  • LeBron James and Dan Gilbert's marriage of convenience
  • LeBron has never trusted any owner or executive (Just ask Pat Riley)
  • Trying to enjoy the Cavaliers in one more year of contention even if it's the last for a while
  • LeBron is still more than likely to stay as long as the Cavaliers provide the best basketball reasons
  • Is LeBron going to start looking for one final maximum value, guaranteed contract to help him buy a franchise someday?