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Jul 23, 2017

Jeff Nomina has started doing videos for our YouTube channel. He did a really funny one this week that was an exclusive interview with the Cavaliers current GM at the time. That one isn't here because it's kind of a visual, but you should check it out.

Additionally, he and Hattery had a conversation about the Indians and their prospect Francisco Mejia. Finally, Nom did some work on Kyrie Irving and his recent demand for a trade. After discussing the fan perspective, Nomina dove into some of the issues and opportunities with fulfilling Kyrie's trade request.

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  • 1:00 Nom and Hattery talk about Francisco Mejia
  • 5:30 Kyrie Part 1 - Nom talks Cavs fan emotional perspective on Kyrie
  • 11:30 Kyrie Part 2 - Exploring possible Kyrie trade scenarios