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Mar 13, 2017

TD is a WFNY graduate and whenever we get a chance to talk to him, you know the takes are going to be solid. He's an old-school radio kind of guy and he knows how to discuss sports like the best sports talkers we knew growing up in Cleveland. This time we've got plenty to discuss including Jason Kipnis' shoulder, Terrelle Pryor, and of course TD's favorite time of year being March Madness.

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  • Kipnis and how the Indians report injuries
  • Michael Brantley and the ghost of Grady Sizemore
  • How do the Indians compare to other MLB teams in terms of transparency?
  • Comparing the Indians to the larger markets
  • The Indians handling of the Chris Perez drug shipment
  • Do the Indians downplay their injuries?
  • Spring training games are pointless for a veteran like Kipnis
  • The Kipnis injury domino effect and who we could see. Yandy Diaz?
  • Anyone but Michael Martinez
  • Going back to Game 7
  • Terrelle Pryor and what the hell happened
  • Browns sign Kenny Britt to same deal
  • The Browns process and how to win in free agency
  • Browns seats and the Cowboys debacle
  • The Browns and not having a real quarterback
  • Getting Jimmy Garoppolo
  • TD loves Deshaun Watson
  • Craig loves DeShone Kizer
  • The Browns trading for Brock Osweiler
  • Removing Kizer from the stink of Notre Dame's awful season
  • TD doesn't want Mitchell Trubisky
  • The Browns fan wanting to draft Buckeyes
  • Sashi Brown and Depodesta doing something unique to the NFL
  • NCAA picks with TD
  • Only six or seven teams that can win it all
  • Kentucky gets screwed
  • Arizona having an easy path in the West
  • Wichita State is criminally underseeded
  • Middle Tennessee State as a Cinderella
  • Florida might be overrated
  • TD discusses his own team, Kansas