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Feb 24, 2016

Dave Sterling jumps on the podcast to talk about sports and culture and many other topics. Here's a list of what we discussed.

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  • The Horseshoe Casino is going to be called the Jack Cleveland Casino
  • Jack FM radio and Madison on Sirius
  • Jeb Bush cheated the mom and pop pizza economy
  • Gambling and hero gambling stories
  • Cleveland Indians batting order
  • Carlos Santana in the leadoff spot
  • The Cleveland Indians and Jason Giambi riding unicorns
  • Guys who should never be a member of your team
  • Travis Benjamin not signing with the Browns
  • Did Travis Benjamin have as good a year as he thinks he had?
  • Mitchell Schwartz and his replacement value
  • Alex Mack could probably stay
  • Mel Kiper mock drafts and NFL draft boards
  • Deadpool that Dave didn't see
  • The Big Short at Chagrin Cinemas
  • Bruce Springsteen called Cleveland Pittsburgh