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Apr 6, 2017

Though a busy man, we were fortunate enough to have Richard Jefferson peel off some time to jump on the WFNY podcast this week. The Cleveland Cavaliers are fresh of their beat down of the Boston Celtics, but we wanted to try and cover as much information as possible, including the “Road Trippin’” podcast, Richard’s ability to stay in shape, and his multi-year battle with asthma.

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- Cavs-Celtics and what it meant
- “Road Trippin” experience
- What was the impetus for the pod?
- UNINTERRUPTED and the ability for athletes to get stories out
- Competition and Draymond Green
- Is media in Richard’s future?
- Richard’s physical condition and his battle with asthma
- The goals of Richard’s conversations with Boston Scientific
- The struggle was real
- Richard’s future in the league
- The stress in achieving a championship
- Richard Jefferson vs. Vince Carter vs. Father Time
- The Championship Parade
- National Championship Games
- National Championships vs. NBA Championships
- Regular season vs. The Playoffs and enjoying the process

Huge thank you to Richard for taking the time. Visit for more on Richard’s journey through combating asthma and how to deal with similar issues. After you subscribe to WFNY’s podcast, make sure to subscribe to Road Trippin’ as well. It’s well worth your time. Oh—and if anyone knows why Richard won’t watch National Championship games, please feel free to share in the comments.

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