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Oct 5, 2016

Jon Steiner used to write about the Indians at WFNY all the time. He joins the podcast to talk about the Indians' chances in the MLB playoffs.

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  • The St. Louis Cardinals got knocked out of the playoffs
  • Are you stressed over the playoffs?
  • Trying to remember playoff baseball and all the stress it entails
  • The Indians vs. the Yankees back in 2007
  • Loving the Indians even when Eric Wedge was the manager
  • Eric Wedge's bridge burning out of Seattle
  • Cutting the Wedge
  • How remarkable is the Indians' season here in 2016?
  • Adding Andrew Miller and how you make your own luck
  • #buntingisforlosers with TD
  • Andrew Miller has already been paid and doesn't need saves
  • The Cleveland Indians turned around their defense in a couple seasons
  • Francisco Lindor is the best defensive shortstop in the AL
  • Turning the team around after Bourn and Swisher
  • Franklin Gutierrez and his career arc
  • Trying to project Jose Ramirez and what he could be
  • The Chris Antonetti Era starting off with a playoff appearance
  • Assuming Jose Ramirez was a 4a player like Ezequiel Carrera
  • The Indians shouldn't be favored to win the ALDS
  • Everybody hates David Ortiz
  • Francona and how well he deploys a bullpen
  • National narratives and favorites
  • How has the Cavaliers championship shaped the Indians playoff run