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Oct 22, 2016

Dave Sterling and Chris Clem came to my house to talk about sports and whatever else came up. We did about an hour. Great conversation.

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  • Chris Clem and Dave Sterling join the podcast
  • Cody Kessler and how the Browns benefit from the Indians
  • Party at Napoli's featuring an in shape dad bod
  • Dave tells his embarassing baseball story
  • Dave got beat out by Jim Abbott
  • Playing pickup basketball
  • The And 1 Mix Tapes and why those aren't bigger
  • Austin Carr going out to dinner with Terry Francona
  • Josh's Cribbs and how amazing it was
  • Chris Clem talks about his comedy and writing
  • Chris talks about meeting Chris Clem
  • Chris talks about opening for Mick Foley
  • Could the NFL fall off in popularity?
  • Talking about the Cleveland Indians
  • Chris Clem blames rich white people
  • Not wanting the Cubs in the World Series
  • Olive Garden and the all-you-can-eat pasta
  • Celebrating Chi Chi's
  • Sports talk radio and audiences going away
  • Howie Chizek