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Oct 12, 2016

Andrew jumped on the podcast to talk about the implications of the Indians making the ALCS. We discussed lots of things related to the game, but not the actual x's and o's of the series with the Toronto Blue Jays. We also ended up talking quite a bit about Cleveland fans and the Cavaliers and Browns.

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  • The Cavaliers playoff hangover and the practical implications
  • Turning back the clock on a new season and starting all over from scratch
  • The grind of playoffs and what it does to our lives
  • The Indians playoff run and how much it feels like a surprise
  • Having hopes for the Indians and fighting recent history
  • The Indians win streak piggybacked off the Cavaliers' championship
  • Not fearing failure after the Cavaliers championship
  • Jason Kipnis and his leadership skills with the Indians
  • Jason Kipnis is probably hated by opposing fanbases
  • Anderson Varejao went to Golden State and showed us all
  • Kyrie Irving is going to want to fight Delly this season
  • Is Tribe time bonus time going forward?
  • Getting to play a real playoff series instead of a one-game wild card
  • David Ortiz and being told you have to revere him
  • Craig admits he's a hypocrite on the whole steroid thing because he doesn't like Ortiz
  • Revering guys like Ortiz, Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant
  • It's interesting what David Ortiz means to Boston
  • Will you be allowed to dislike Tom Brady?
  • Spygate and the Patriots' track record over the years
  • Indians vs. Browns and the idea of quality
  • ALCS tickets sold out in about five minutes
  • Everyone is excited about the Indians in the middle of Browns season
  • Why do we all have to draw lines in the sand between the teams?
  • The sensitivities of Indians fans
  • The indie rock aesthetic of being an Indians fan or Cavs fan that suffered more
  • The Columbus TV market with the Browns and Bengals split
  • You can't tell the story of the 2016 Cleveland Browns by obsessing over game film
  • The story of the 2016 Cleveland Browns is not happening on game film
  • Trading Joe Thomas and Joe Haden and whether that's part of the plan
  • The idea of a locker room leader is overrated?