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Nov 3, 2016

Martin Rickman of UPROXX has been on the podcast multiple times in the past and he was nice enough to join us to talk about the Cubs defeating the Indians for the World Series crown. It was a sad day in many respects, but in the end I think we talked about a whole host of reasons why Cleveland fans should keep their heads up high. We also discussed the NBA vs. the NFL vs. MLB and how each of them markets their sport.

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  • The difference between playoff baseball and playoff basketball
  • The Chicago Cubs fan universe and whether bandwagons are a bad thing
  • Harry Caray and the nostalgia for the Cubs
  • LeBron James and the Cavaliers helping the whole city
  • The discrepancies between the Indians and Cubs
  • Missing out on the Sunday game
  • The things that fell into place for the Indians even with some things not working
  • There's nothing that feels like a choke with the 2015 Cavaliers or 2016 Indians
  • Building winning culture vs. trying to import it
  • Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving on the heels of a win
  • Indians overtaking the Browns in Cleveland
  • The Cubs fan takeover in Cleveland and why it might never happen again
  • NFL and what's wrong with that
  • UPROXX changes with Martin and what he's doing next at DIME
  • The NBA and what the league is like right now
  • The NBA and how understanding they are about the way their fans want to absorb the game
  • The NFL's GIF culture and how it messes with their future
  • The It Me UPROXX Sports podcast