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Oct 3, 2016

Dave Sterling joins the podcast to discuss the Cleveland Browns loss to Washington and the Indians clinching home field advantage.

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  • Cleveland Browns lose to Washington
  • Cody Kessler and how nice he's looked as a 3rd round rookie
  • How long can the Browns players go without winning
  • The culture of losing and the Browns
  • NFL refereeing is a disaster
  • Could Cody Kessler convince the Browns not to draft a quarterback?
  • Browns fans are the best indicators of poor NFL ref quality
  • The NFL needs to gain refereeing consistency across the league
  • An illegal head to head contact penalty is 15 yards, but interference is a spot foul
  • How can Washington not have their field ready in week 4?
  • The Crow has been really impressive so far this year
  • The Browns need to extend Isaiah Crowell and Terrelle Pryor
  • The Browns receivers are a step forward
  • Handing off to a fullback is kinda dumb
  • Yan Gomes and the Cleveland Indians are likable
  • David Ortiz and the farewell tour
  • Derek Jeter and the Re2pect
  • Trevor Bauer in the Indians' opening game
  • Dave addresses millennials
  • The Wild Card is garbage. Needs to be more games
  • Paul Byrd and his wily wind-up
  • Trying to watch the Indians as a cord-cutter
  • Arbitrary rules for sports broadcasting
  • Dave interrupts Craig's rant