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Apr 23, 2017

The EHC boys are back and they're talking about - what else? - the Cleveland Indians. They discuss the week that was, including talk about Francisco Lindor's monumental offer that was turned down.

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  • Ohio City Burrito is fantastic
  • Great Lakes Brewery’s Hop Madness is insanely good, and will Conway’s Irish Ale eventually be a forever beer?
  • So, the Indians offered Lindor a historic deal
  • So, Lindor said no, but the Indians will sign Lindor. It’s done.
  • Lindor, generational money, New Balance, and betting on Frankie
  • 12-year, $200 million deal? Burke’s perennial podcast shoutout
  • Face of the Franchise
  • Does it actually make sense to give Lindor most of that Trout deal?
  • The offensive core of the Indians are Lindor and Ramirez
  • Gravy is so good…right Michael Brantley?
  • Chisenhall, Jackson, Guyer and Almonte provide so much value
  • Can the outfield keep Greg Allen and Bradley Zimmer in the minors until September?
  • Kipnis in the six-hole
  • Jose Ramirez could make $100 million less than Francisco Lindor over the life of his contract, but put up nearly the same numbers, or better?
  • Minor League chatter including Bobby Bradley, Bradley Zimmer, Greg Allen, Tristan McKenzie, and Thomas Pannone.