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Aug 14, 2017

WFNY's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete really took a deep dive into Jay Bruce in this podcast, and if you weren't a fan before, we'll clear off a spot on the bandwagon.

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Here's the lineup:

    • Why wasn't the Jay Bruce trade a bigger deal?
    • Bruce has been significantly better than all the Indians' outfielders offensively
    • Where does Jay Bruce fit in the playoffs?
    • Jay Bruce has been better offensively and defensively than Michael Brantley this year
    • The line-up looks much better with Jay Bruce in it
    • If everyone comes back healthy, Tito can't mess up the line-up
    • Does Brantley have a "healthy ceiling?"
    • Does Kipnis have a "healthy ceiling?"
    • Injuries sap your profile as you pass age 30
    • Who'd you rather, Michael Brantley, Jason Kipnis or Jay Bruce?
    • Heel Mike (that was for you Nino)
    • Extend Chisenhall? (Nom will love this)
    • Santana staying makes a lot of sense
    • What does a Carlos Santana deal look like?
    • The free agent market could make a Santana deal to stay...more likely than you think!
    • Does Santana over Brantley make sense, without Mike and Jim getting pitchforked?
    • Brantley in left, or at first?
    • Peak Brantley is long gone
    • We LOVE Michael Brantley, but...
    • Be honest, how many people thought he'd play 88 games this year this past January?
    • Baseball's shifted towards Jay Bruce...
    • Jay Bruce, metrics master
    • Bruce SEEMS TO BE A TITO GUY, do they sign him?
    • Brantley's staying...right?
    • Bruce has been an Indians target for awhile
    • Bruce extends the line-up better than Brantley and Kipnis
    • The Indians don't like rentals
    • Did the Indians sign Bruce as a preemptive way to sign him in the offseason?
    • Where does Bruce fit now in the lineup
    • What about the playoff roster? AJax, Bruce, Brantley, Almonte, Zimmer, Guyer, Lonnie Chisenhall
    • Yeah, Mike and I figured out why Chis is going to play a little bit of third...