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Aug 28, 2015

We lead the show with an audio clip that indicates that LeBron James was the one who basically orchestrated Mo Williams' signing. We discuss that, plus Hard Knocks, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and much more... SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES

  • Did LeBron James sign Mo Williams?
  • Does LeBron James really run the Cavaliers?
  • Johnny Manzielbow
  • Hard knocks episode 3
  • JJ Watt can't stop being JJ Watt
  • Brian Hoyer named QB on episode
  • They didn't show the QB room after he left.
  • What did Hoyer and Mallett do?
  • Hoyer on Mike and Mike talking about Tom Brady
  • Wonder if Brady gets tired of Hoyer referencing him
  • Hoyer admits that a part of him knew this might be his last chance to be starter
  • Brian Hoyer is boring.
  • Think about that the next time you criticize a player for speaking out.
  • Hoyer hasn't seen Hard Knocks
  • Kyrie Irving until January
  • Cavs fan trial by fire in LeBron's first year
  • Tristan Thompson update
  • There is no update
  • Cavs fans getting mad now
  • FB comments on Tristan