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Apr 21, 2015

After talking to Lane Adkins about the Browns, I dialed up Dave Sterling to talk about pretty much everything else. Before it was all done, we'd discussed being off of Twitter for the first Cavs playoff game, the idea of buying any shirt for $100, let alone a jersey, and teaching my son about the evils of advertising.

  • Trying to watch sporting events with half an eye
  • Twitter during the first quarter of the Cavs game
  • Craig fumbles over the word apoplectic
  • Teams making the playoffs with losing records
  • The Western Conference and Oklahoma City not making the playoffs
  • Serving the customer vs. the business interest
  • MLB and the Spider Man bases
  • Buying Cavs seats for the playoffs
  • Buying jerseys and spending $100 on a shirt
  • A muted interest in the NFL draft in Cleveland
  • What do Browns fans want in the draft?
  • Dave's mock draft desire
  • Mock Draft Debate Team
  • Teaching my son that he doesn't need juice to do extreme sports
  • Online advertising and how we'll look back on this age
  • Pissing off potential customers and whether that works in any business
  • Non-review yelp review
  • Adam Sandler movie reviews and suggestions