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Jul 28, 2017

With the Cleveland Indians currently rolling out a seven-game win streak, WFNY's Jim Pete and Mike Hattery dust off the EHC podcast, and dive into the why's of the streak, and how the next month could impact the Indians playoff run.

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The line-up:

  • Mike is old
  • Where did Danny Salazar's start come from this week?
  • Salazar is healthy, and pissed off
  • Throwing heat
  • Just two pitches for Salazar, but seems to be good enough
  • Did Salazar throw soft early, then get aggressive in the second half
  • Playoff Salazar
  • Kluber returning to his 2014 form...ignore the fact that I said 2015..
  • Kluber's impressive numbers are better than 2014, because of the league-wide flyball revolution
  • Concerns about Kluber over-usage
  • Jim, and especially regarding Bradley Zimmer projections. Yeah...Mike's way worse than Jim
  • The Burke Prophecies: Zimmer's strike zone is just bigger, because he's 6'5"
  • "Missing" on Zimmer is an enigma. He swings and misses a lot, but he doesn't chase
  • The Zimmer process is just beginning. He has a long way to go...
  • Jason Kipnis and Lonnie Chisenhall are returning, how does this alter the team?
  • The click-baiting Jeff Nomina...
  • Chisenhall profiles so well next to Bradley Zimmer in the outfield
  • Kipnis is struggling with health, and it seems chronic
  • Sonny Gray?
  • Could the A's, who are scouting the Indians, be looking at a weird package of players for gray that don't include Tristan McKenzie or Francisco Mejia, because Billy Beane is weird?
  • Trading for more in bullpen, and Tito bullpen usage
  • Sonny Gray vs. Danny Salazar/Mike Clevinger/Trevor Bauer
  • Cody Allen is sorta scary right an elite sorta way
  • Is Edwin Encarnacion a sneaky MVP candidate?
  • Why the hell is #JRam "protecting" EE? Shouldn't it be the other freakin' way around?
  • Austin Jackson looks really good as a platoon