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Feb 6, 2017

With the NFL season officially in the rearview mirror, we decided to waste zero time in shifting our focus to the upcoming NFL Draft. In doing so, we are very excited to have been joined by CBS Sports draft analyst Dane Brugler.

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Dane is fresh off of his trip to Mobile, Alabama for the 2017 Senior Bowl. In addition to the final collegiate game of the year, we had the chance to talk about a number of other items.

  • Covering the NFL Draft 365 days per year
  • Players who used the Senior Bowl to elevate their draft stock
  • The Cleveland Browns' handling of the Senior Bowl practices
  • DeShaun Watson skipping the Senior Bowl
  • Did Clemson's championship change Watson's draft stock?
  • The difficulty in evaluating the quarterback position
  • Is Myles Garrett the no-brainer No. 1 pick?
  • Hue Jackson's role in the upcoming draft
  • How can the Browns mess this up?
  • What quarterbacks does Dane like more than others?
  • Is Mitch Trubisky's height a concern?
  • How much will draft boards fluctuate over the next few months?
  • What positions are the deepest?
  • How many starters should be able to be obtained by the Browns?
  • What's the ideal scenario for the first round?
  • The NFL Draft season in the Twitter age

Follow Dane on Twitter at @dpbrugler and read his work at His 500-player, PDF NFL Draft guide can be purchased here.