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Jan 5, 2017

It's WFNY Podcast #572 and it marks the return of occasional host Scott Sargent and former WFNY writer Dan Parker.

It took one of the greatest winning streaks in the history of the sport, but the Columbus Blue Jackets are the best team currently in the National Hockey League. With Cleveland (and national outlets) paying increased attention to the Jackets, we turned to our former CBJ beat reporter Dan Parker to discuss what, exactly, is going on down I-71 and why Cleveland fans should be paying even more attention.

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Among topics we discussed:

  • DP's history at WFNY
  • Rookie reporting mistakes
  • Why this current team is so good
  • Is it sustainable?
  • Are they the Golden State Warriors? Chicago Cubs? Both? Neither?
  • How much of what we're seeing is sustainable this season and beyond?
  • How well will all of this translate to the NHL playoffs?
  • How much is Columbus buzzing?
  • Why should Cleveland jump aboard the bandwagon?

We'd like to thank Dan for coming on. Please make sure to catch his work over at The Cannon, and follow him on Twitter .