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Nov 17, 2016

Jim Pete and I have been talking for months and we finally got together to talk some Cleveland sports. We talked Indians, Cavaliers and Browns. Jim even did the live read for Patreon! Hope you enjoy the first edition of Jim Pete on the WFNY podcast. You'll be hearing much more from him soon.

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  • Corey Kluber did not win the Cy Young award
  • There were three good candidates for Cy Young in 2016
  • Justin Verlander finishes second to Rick Porcello
  • Kate Upton's tweet about Justin Verlander's finish
  • Did Boston have anything to do with Porcello's big win?
  • Arguing regular season awards is like arguing balls and strikes
  • Pitcher wins and its value to Cy Young
  • Terry Francona wins the manager of the year
  • Terry Francona revealing himself as an innovator in the ALCS
  • Comparing Terry Francona to Mike Hargrove
  • How did Jim Pete get here?
  • Welcoming the EHC to WFNY
  • The Cavaliers are now coasting until April
  • Cavaliers chaos just a year ago and how things have changed
  • RG3 and whether he should be the one who gets to play this season
  • Cody Kessler and the value of reps the rest of this year
  • Why shouldn't RG3 play some more this year?
  • The Browns courting Tony Romo? Lol
  • Why are people so shocked that Hue Jackson would go to Josh McCown?
  • Cody Kessler might very well be Colt McCoy
  • Playing "NOT IT!" with Cleveland Browns tickets
  • The destroyed value of PSLs in Cleveland
  • Talking about the owner and figuring out if he can keep it together
  • The idea that the Browns would fire people this year is ludicrous
  • Does Ray Horton deserve to be fired?
  • The Browns have no players on defense for Horton to work with
  • Fighting between the front office and the coaching staff over RG3 and Cody Kessler
  • Jim Pete's final podcast rant on the Tribe and what the prospects are for a trade