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Nov 7, 2016

TD was finally ready to talk, so we tried as best we could to put a bow on the 2016 Cleveland Indians season. We discussed what it was like to have to watch the Indians as away fans in Progressive Field. We talked about bad Cubs fans and good Cubs fans. We also talked about the Dallas Cowboys takeover of Cleveland Browns Stadium over the weekend and how painful that was.

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  • The Cleveland Browns and suffering through being an away fan in your own stadium
  • The new regime with the Cleveland Browns
  • Bandwagon Dallas fans left over from the '90's
  • The Browns hosted a Patriots home game
  • Dallas Cowboys fans who aren't from Dallas
  • Making peace with the Cubs fan takeover of Progressive Field
  • The perfect storm of the Chicago Cubs in the World Series against the Indians
  • Cubs fans were either super wealthy or it was cheaper for them to jump in their car
  • Game 7 between the Indians and Cubs was one of the top games of the century?
  • The jerks who sat in front of TD during Game 7
  • Away fans who don't know how to act
  • TD loses his mind with Cubs fans
  • Cleveland fans are potentially awful too
  • Coming to grips with the fact that this was a good season
  • What do the Indians have to do to not be 2008?
  • Terry Francona might be the greatest coach ever to coach in Cleveland
  • The way Mike Napoli can be back in Cleveland
  • Having an entire season of Andrew Miller
  • Bryan Shaw and why Indians fans hate him so much
  • Putting the Rajai Davis home run in perspective
  • The Indians didn't choke