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Mar 1, 2017

Sportsyelling is one of the best follows on Twitter and she is nice enough to talk to us on the podcast. It's Indians season, so it's about that time. We obviously discuss Edwin Encarnacion, Andrew Miller and a whole lot more.

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  • Subway oven roasted chicken is only like 53.6% chicken?!
  • Americans have fewer TVs than they did in 2009
  • Trusting a person who doesn't watch tv
  • Kids sneaking up on you during Black Mirror when they're supposed to be sleeping
  • Where were you when the Indians signed Edwin Encarnacion?
  • Missing out on Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson
  • The desperation of the Mark Shapiro era
  • Team Abraham Almonte
  • Chisenhall and being patient
  • Up or down on fairweather fans
  • Eric Church and Maroon 5
  • U2 and Billy Joel
  • Is this the best pre-season Cleveland feeling?