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Jul 26, 2017

Doug Trattner is one of the most well-connected guys in the Cleveland food scene. He knows what's opening, where it's opening, and what used to be there. He's on top of trends that are tired and things that Cleveland needs to develop. Doug writes for Cleveland Scene and he's a great follow on Twitter.

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Here's what else we discussed:

  • The proliferation of BBQ in Cleveland
  • The rise of the great butcher shop
  • Seafood in a bag? Seafood in a bag!
  • Donuts coming soon with Brewnuts, City Girl, and an unnamed entrant
  • More noodles than just Noodlecat. Otani, Xinji
  • Games games games - Duckpin, Shuffleboard, Bocce
  • What are the needs that still exist in the market?
  • The maturation of Tremont
  • More diners
  • Losing two sentimental favorites in Chagrin Falls
  • The great brewery expansion