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Sep 8, 2016

Cleveland Browns season is upon us. The first game against the Philadelphia Eagles is hitting this Sunday and everyone will be looking to see what happens with Carson Wentz. I grabbed long-time WFNY friend Harv to talk about all of it and everything else other than Trump.

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  • Skipping past political posts on Facebook
  • Ignoring advertising
  • Teaching kids and not swearing in front of them
  • Can you swear about the 2016 Cleveland Browns?
  • Watching Game 7 of the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • What is tanking in the NFL?
  • Hue Jackson article by Michael Silver
  • Having to develop talent vs. tanking on purpose
  • Can the Browns develop a running game with that offensive line?
  • The Dallas Cowboys rebuild after "tanking"
  • Sashi Brown doesn't seem like a Banner-ish dictator
  • Ray Farmer and the decision-making vacuum
  • Paul DePodesta's statement on Carson Wentz
  • Joe Thomas and the quote machines
  • The Browns and when they are truly trying to win
  • The mobility of RG3 and sliding
  • Joe Schobert starting for the Cleveland Browns