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Jan 19, 2017

It's Harv's third appearance on the podcast and his first as an in-person guest. We catch up on all the happenings of 2016 including all three teams' historic runs.

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Here's what we talked about...

  • David Modell's passing and reflecting on the Browns' move
  • What would the reaction to the Modells be if the Browns were better?
  • Does one win matter in a season?
  • Browns fans' penchant for hating the media because the team is bad
  • The Indians team without Mark Shapiro
  • Trying to enjoy a World Series loss
  • Trying to place Encarnacion signing in the history of the Indians
  • The baseball hall of fame and Manny Ramirez falling short with 24%
  • Reconciling the NBA's regular season with the playoffs