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Sep 24, 2015

Martin Rickman is one of the best guests on the WFNY Podcast. He's always thoughtful about whatever it is we're talking about. Here are all the things we talked about, but first a coupld of promotional items. Before I plug WFNY stuff, please go read Martin's feature on CHVRCHES.

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  • Martin Rickman on being a writer not a sports writer
  • Ludacris Q&A for Fast and Furious 7
  • Ludacris arms from the Get Back video
  • Christopher Bridges is now willing to go out as Ludacris again
  • The Rock and Dwayne Johnson
  • Chvrches and the really great pop music
  • Craig compares Chvrches to Roxette and not in a bad way
  • Martin discusses his process of interviewing the band
  • The nuts and bolts of a musical feature
  • Writing features and getting beyond the blogging
  • Regretting the past and not living past it
  • It Me College Football podcast
  • Naming anything is hard
  • Ohio State is not good right now and they're trying to figure it out
  • The BCS hangover in the minds of college football fans
  • Rewriting the same book every year surrounding college football