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Apr 27, 2015

Andrew and Craig discuss the Boston Celtics losing in four games to the Cavaliers and how much it really cost them. The Cavaliers did get the sweep, but somehow managed to leave fans feeling badly after completing said sweep.

  • Kevin Love's shoulder and the prospect of missing one game
  • Kelly Olinyk did not try to injure Kevin Love, but it was a rough, dirty play
  • Kendrick Perkins and who on earth gave the order for the code red?
  • Perkins should have been tossed from the game probably
  • J.R. Smith and the spinning back hand to Jae Crowder and how J.R. absolutely deserved to get tossed
  • J.R. Smith might not have intended to hit Crowder that way, but it was bad
  • Matthew Dellavedova and James Jones taking shots they have to take
  • The incredibly nice game Iman Shumpert put together in game 4
  • Will there be any hangover effect from the bad game four against Boston as it carries over to the next series?
  • Will we see Shawn Marion or Mike Miller?
  • Kevin Love said he expects to play in game one