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Jan 18, 2017

I don't really know how I ever got to know Tom Valentino. He's been in and around the Cleveland sports scene for a long time and I feel like I've always known him on social media. He was nice enough to have me on his newish podcast, The Nail in the Coffin to talk about WFNY and Cleveland sports. You can catch up with Tom on Twitter and make sure you subscribe to his podcast for another fresh perspective on Cleveland sports.

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Here's what we talked about...

  • Covering the Browns in a really down year
  • Trying to name a podcast
  • The passing of David Modell and the reaction online
  • David Modell being a real human representative of something awful
  • How bad the Browns were and the reaction
  • How disastrous would a winless season be?
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers getting blitzed by the Warriors
  • Not upset by the loss to the Warriors
  • The Cavaliers losing to the Warriors is a schedule loss, practically
  • Are the Cavaliers and Warriors bad for the league?
  • Jose Bautista and whether you like him or not
  • Not caring about the Dolan family's finances
  • The Cleveland Indians signing Edwin Encarnacion and rumored to be in on Bautista
  • The Indians' financial situation with their starting pitching staff
  • How much of the Indians' makeup has to do with Shapiro leaving?
  • The Indians overvaluing their prospects forever and ever
  • The Indians off-season is such a good attempt even if it doesn't work